TM responded to Streamyx and UniFi HSBB downtime

Almost 20 minutes after its network got back up TM made this official announcement via its Twitter account citing DNS failure to domestic and international servers since 1730hrs today.

Although there have been reports that service has been restored about half an hour after the outage was detected, TM states that restoration process is still ongoing in stages.

We’ve resquested an official response from the group corporate communication deparment on TM on this outage and will update you as soon as we hear from them.

Streamyx and UniFi HSBB DOWN!

Our public Twitter timeline is lighting up like the 4th of July right now.

Massive complaints on Streamxy and HSBB UniFi subscribers not able to connect to the Internet. Apparently TM‘s broadband service was down as early as 1730hrs

We can’t verify is this is a nationwide outage or if it is multiple instances of isolated casses but by the sheer number of complaints we’re seeing it looks like it is a major outage.

Updates as we get them.

(Update 1759hrs 15042010) Getting reports that Celcom broadband is down too.

(Update 1821hrs 15042010) TM replied via Twitter that “they have escalated the issue to the relevant parties and will update accordingly“. We shall wait diligently for those updates. Stay tuned!

(Update 1821hrs 15042010) Looks like this will be our final update on the Streamyx and UniFi HSBB outage. Twitter timeline reporting both services are up including Celcom. From our estimates, it looks like the nation’s largest broadband provider was out of commission for over 30 minutes.

Even if the service was down for a seamingly short period, the question is, what caused the outage and has enough measures been pun in place to prevent it from happening again?

30 minutes can mean a lot of money for businesses that rely on TM for their Internet. Not to mention the number of Celcom broadband users who were also affected.

Little bits tell SoyaCincau.com – Storm is Coming!


This is unconfirmed but we have sources within Celcom and Maxis telling us that the The Blackberry Storm is coming in 2H2009!

We’ve played around with the Storm for a bit. Though it’s not enough for a solid comprehensive review. But first impressions are good. The built quality is good and the click feedback touch screen is refreshing. We don’t like the the somewhat laggy interface though. When it comes to eye bling…iPhone’s OS is still the one to beat!

It’s still to early to determine the pricing but seeing that the bulk of Blackberry sales are from business users, price is really not a concern.

June is perhaps too long a wait for an official word from Maxis and Celcom, in the meantime here’s a review to keep the drool flowing.

Stuff.TV Reviews Blackberry Storm

As usual, when we have the word, we will keep you posted.

MNP in Malaysia: Nationwide by October 2008

MNP in Malaysia has been hot on the lips of telcos recently as it is seen as a big shake up in the communication business. After a long wait, MCMC has finally confirmed that MNP or better known as Mobile Number Portability will kick off in the Klang Valley by September before it is implemented Nationwide by October.

What is MNP?
If you haven’t heard of it, MNP allows mobile subscribers to keep their mobile numbers including its prefix with them if they wish to switch to a different operator. Currently, there are 4 main operators in the country and the prefixes (010, 011, 012, 013, 014, 015, 016, 017, 018, 019) are fixed with the registered operators.

If a user is a Maxis subscriber bearing 012-1234567, he/she won’t be able to bring this number with them when switching to a different operator. This has become a big barrier for consumers who wish to switch as mobile numbers tend to be a personal identity which many won’t want to lose.

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The Unbeatable just got beaten

Celcom 100 Days 100 Cars (TheStar)
100 Cars. Beat that!

The “unbeatable” Celcom recently launched its 100 Days 100 Cars contest where they are giving away Toyota Camry every day from 2nd June until 9th September 2008. This contest is open to all Celcom customers both prepaid and postpaid.

Unfortunately the contest didn’t go down well in Malaysia.

On first impression, one may think that this is another loyalty campaign giveaway similar to Digi’s 50/50 (50 Cars 50 Days give away) based on top ups. The reality however is that Celcom is running a SMS quiz mechanism where the highest answered SMSes would be the winner. Reading the fine lines would revealed that each SMS question would be charged a hefty RM5.

Obviously, this contest mechanics would have attracted some attention.

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