POCOPHONE F1 hands-on: How have they done it?

It has come to a point where a flagship smartphone is never just a smartphone anymore. It’s your camera replacement, your home theater solution, your PC in a pocket and even your swim buddy. This desire to add more and more to a wafer thin handset has become a bit of a double edged sword. Yes, bold new ideas are a great way to push the industry forward, but many of them tend to become nothing more than a gimmick while also adding a significant price premium to your handset. That’s why it has become almost a norm for flagships to cost around RM4,000.

What happened to the good old flagship smartphone that’s only focused on giving you the best smartphone experience? Focused on giving you a smooth and snappy performance with a battery that can last? And most importantly, at a price that more people can afford.

Well, that’s where a brand like POCOPHONE comes in. This small, Xiaomi-backed team of individuals have set out — with laser focus — on doing one thing and one thing alone: To give people what they want. And their first product, the F1, is probably the most focused device I’ve seen launched in a while.

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Xiaomi’s giving some of their most popular devices discounts and promotions

In just eight years, Xiaomi has built quite the empire for themselves with an extensive collection of smart home devices, smartphones and even lifestyle products. Today, they’re taking another step towards the future as the company just announced that they’ve been successfully listed on the main board of the The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

To celebrate this occasion, the company announced a whole bunch of discounts and promotions for some of their most popular products.

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 review: A masterclass in budget phone-making

I think, if you’ve been reading our site, you already know that Xiaomi’s really good at making cheap phones. Yes, they do make some solid flagship devices for incredibly attractive prices, but I’ve always found that they’re at their best in the affordable mid range segment.

Best phone under RM1,000? For me — for as long as I’ve been writing tech — the answer was always Redmi Note. This year, their champion in this increasingly competitive segment of the market is called the Redmi Note 5 and I’m here to help you find out if it’s still the one true king.

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ASUS ZenFone Max Pro: Make way for the usurper

It’s easy to get caught up in the amazing new features modern-day flagship smartphones have to offer. Triple cameras, the latest processors, gorgeous displays and crazy-looking designs are all easy things to drool over, so I don’t blame you. I do that sometimes too.

Personally, I’ve grown far more interested in the mid-range segment of the market than I have with the RM3,000+ handsets that grab all the headlines. Although I do love myself a good flagship, it’s always a delight to find phones that can give you a very similar day-to-day experience for a fraction of the price.

And 2018 looks like the year for the affordable mid-range.

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honor 10: Affordable never looked this pretty

When you’re looking for a value-oriented device, good looks are usually sacrificed for raw spec-sheet performance. And that’s completely fair because companies have to shave bits here and there anyway if they want to keep prices low.

Apparently, honor didn’t get the memo because their flagship smartphones — since the gorgeous honor 8 — have remained some of the prettiest smartphones money can buy. Now, they’ve got the brand new honor 10 and I think it’s easily the prettiest one they’ve made yet.

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