BlackBerry Torch 9800

Bargain BlackBerry offer and giveaways from DiGi

DiGi is going on a BlackBerry discount rampage after revealing its BlackBerry Bold 9900, Curve 9360 and Torch 9810 offers.

On 24 months contract of DG Smart Plan 68, the Torch 9800 is offered at RM979, while the Bold 9780 at RM879 and Curve 9300 at RM379. Outright, the 3 are offered at RM1600, RM1312 and RM876 respectively. If BlackBerry devices are not your thing, DiGi is also offering the HTC Desire HD at RM729 and LG Optimus One at RM179 on contract. The prices above are applicable if you sign up through their online store with full details here.

Apart from that, those that buy the latest BlackBerry (Bold 9900, Torch 9810 & Curve 9360) on contract from 10th October till 10th December will stand a chance to win another BlackBerry. They are giving 30x Curve 9300, 20x Bold 9780 and 10x Torch 9800 with one given out daily. For more info on the FREE BlackBerry offer, head over here.

DiGi Buy 2 BlackBerry get 1 Free offer

DiGi is giving a special offer when you can buy 3 BlackBerry devices for the price of 2. The offer which runs from now until 31st August 2011 is applicable for BlackBerry Torch 9800, BlackBerry Bold 9780 and BlackBerry Curve 9300.

2 of the device must be tied with a DG Smart Plan for 24 months and it can be registered under 2 different names. This promo is only available at DiGi Retail Centres located at SohoKL and Bangsar, which makes it out of reach for those outside the Klang Valley.

There’s also another catch with the offer. The Free 3rd BlackBerry unit is not covered with warranty as written in their FAQ:

Q6. Is there a warranty for my free BlackBerry® device?
A6. As per usual procedure, phones that are free-of-charge will not carry a warranty.

For more info, head to DiGi’s BlackBerry Promo page.

Video shows off fluid OS 7 BlackBerry’s all-touchscreen Torch 9850/60

BlackBerry fans we got news for you. The device previously known as the BlackBerry Monaco / Monza / Storm 3 / Touch is now officially called the BlackBerry Torch 9850/60. The Torch 9850 is an all-touchscreen BlackBerry that feature RIM’s new BlackBerry 7 OS, and here is one of the first look at the new OS in action in the new yet-to-be-released device.

You get a good feel of how fluid the new OS is as well as the new virtual keyboard layout and its responsiveness. And we have to say, even though we’re not really into BlackBerrys, this new Torch is looking rater good. If all future BlackBerrys perform like this, then RIM might not be in so much of a trouble after all.


All the latest BlackBerry devices coming to Malaysia in a couple of months

BlackBerry fans, if you’re wondering when the new range of BlackBerry devices is coming to Malaysia, we got news for you — the next couple of months will be exciting.

We already know that the Bold Touch 9900 will be making it to Malaysia, now we have information that the whole range of new BlackBerrys will be following the Bold Touch 9900 here as well.

Yes, that’s right the 9810 Torch 2 and the 9860 Touch (also referred to the Storm 3) will be launched in here within the next couple of months.

We don’t have exact dates or pricing details at the moment but you can bet your old BlackBerry that once we get the latest, you’ll read about it first right here, so keep it locked on to

U Mobile BlackBerry Torch offer & Unlimited BIS + 5GB Data plan

U Mobile has finally started offering the BlackBerry Torch with its Unlimited BIS + 5GB data plan at RM1299 with a 24 months contract. The Unlimited BIS + 5GB data plan of RM68/month offer both BIS and 5GB of data quota for additional internet usage that’s usually charged at 5 sen/MB. This RM28/month add on for 5GB data is quite a good deal on top of their existing RM40/month BIS plan.

For the first 200 to take up this BlackBerry Torch offer, U Mobile is giving additional RM100 rebate and the first 50 will also get to enjoy extra accessories worth RM340.

The call rates which is charged as Pay As You Use (PAYU) remained unchanged at 18 sen/min to all networks. SMS 5 sen for U Mobile to U Mobile and 12 sen to others.

If the sliding Torch smart phone is not your thing, there are also offering BlackBerry Bold 9780 at RM1000 and the Curve 9300 at RM500 on Unlimited BIS + 5GB Data with 24 months contract.

For more info, head to U Mobile’s BlackBerry page.

50% off your second BlackBerry at PC Fair

For the PC Fair this weekend, BlackBerry is offering a pretty good deal with 50% off the RRP on your second BlackBerry purchase. That’s right when you buy a BlackBerry device you’re entitled to purchase the second unit for only half of price. The catch is that the offer is limited to the first 30 customers/day (10 per device) and one offer per customer.

Devices that will be on offer the PC Fair 15 – 17 April 2011:
BlackBerry Torch
BlackBerry Bold 9700
BlackBerry Curve 3G

In addition to that, BlackBerry is offering “free accessories” worth RM264. We’re not sure what these accessories are and its only for the BlackBerry device purchased at full price only.

For more info hit up the source link.


BlackBerry Torch and Curve 3G comes with new colour options


BlackBerry Malaysia has announced that the BlackBerry Torch 9800 and BlackBerry Curve 9300 now comes in 2 new colour options respectively. The BlackBerry Torch now comes in Red and White while the Curve 3G comes in Bright Chrome and Pink option.

It is mentioned that the new BlackBerry colours are available from carriers and authorised distributors in Malaysia. This means that the Red BlackBerry Torch is no longer exclusive to Celcom and should be available from DiGi, Maxis and phone dealers as well. Last week, Maxis was the first to announce the availability of the White BlackBerry Torch.

Head after the break to see all colour options.

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White BlackBerry Torch on Maxis


Maxis now offers the BlackBerry Torch 9800 in white! Now this adds some uniqueness for those in the market to buy a torch. Earlier on Celcom, is giving away limited edition red coloured BlackBerry Torch for existing BlackBerry postpaid and prepaid customers.

The pricing and plans remain unchanged at RM2299 outright or as low as RM1288 over 24 months contract of BIS 90 with its CNY promo.

For more information, head to Maxis BlackBerry page here.

Celcom gives away limited edition Red BlackBerry Torch this CNY season

Celcom is doing something special this Chinese New Year by giving away a limited edition red colour BlackBerry Torch everyday from 20th January till 18th February 2011. That’s a total of 30 red colour BlackBerry Torches. This promotional giveaway is open to all Celcom Postpaid and Prepaid customers with a BlackBerry plan excluding corporate account customers.

According to the T&C, prepaid customers must be a subscriber for any Prepaid Blackberry daily plane. While Postpaid customers must be on either BlackBerry Basic, BlackBerry Lite, BlackBerry Pro, BlackBerry Advanced, BlackBerry Professional Lite or BlackBerry Professional plans.

For more information, visit Celcom’s Red BlackBerry Torch promo page.

DiGi Blackberry Torch 9800 on DG Smart Plan


The BlackBerry Torch 9800 is finally offered by DiGi after a long wait of ROI process. As usual, DiGi’s blackberry devices are bundled with its DG Smart Plan which is a mobile internet focused plan at RM68/month. Just recently they started charging extra RM10/month for BIS service, making it RM78/month for Blackberry users.

The BlackBerry Torch is sold at RM2299 outright which is similar with Maxis. This is slightly more than Celcom‘s RM2188 RRP pricing. However if you go on contract, the Torch is yours for RM1499 over 24 months or RM1749 over 12 months.

For more information on DiGi’s BlackBerry Torch 9800 offering, head over here

DiGi offers BlackBerry Torch from RM999


UPDATE: The RM999 BlackBerry Torch offer will be available at selected 9 DiGi centres: Sunway Pyramid, Soho KL, SS2 PJ, Berjaya Times Square, Klang BBT One, Pulau Tikus, Api-Api KK, Seremban and Ipoh. 300 units are spread among the 9 outlets. RM999 offer price is for 24 months contract of DG SmartPlan at RM78/month. RM500 extra upfront payment is required. Normal price is RM1499 with 24 months contract. Details are now on DiGi’s site

Original Post: DiGi has tweeted that the BlackBerry Torch will be offered from as low as RM999 tomorrow, 11 November! This is valid only for the first 300 customers which the details have yet to be revealed. Will it be another BlackBerry Torch fire sale at an undisclosed location? Or is it for those who pre-register before? We won’t know until tomorrow, perhaps at midnight tonight. We believe DiGi will offer that price bundled together with its DG Smart Plan.

DiGi is the third telco in Malaysia to offer the BlackBerry Torch after Celcom and Maxis which had revealed theirs couple of weeks ago. Celcom’s RRP for the Torch is at RM2188 while Maxis offers it at RM2299. Let’s see if DiGi can offer it lower.