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Video shows off fluid OS 7 BlackBerry’s all-touchscreen Torch 9850/60

BlackBerry fans we got news for you. The device previously known as the BlackBerry Monaco / Monza / Storm 3 / Touch is now officially called the BlackBerry Torch 9850/60. The Torch 9850 is an all-touchscreen BlackBerry that feature RIM’s new BlackBerry 7 OS, and here is one of the first look at the new OS in action in the new yet-to-be-released device.

You get a good feel of how fluid the new OS is as well as the new virtual keyboard layout and its responsiveness. And we have to say, even though we’re not really into BlackBerrys, this new Torch is looking rater good. If all future BlackBerrys perform like this, then RIM might not be in so much of a trouble after all.


Commercials for the two upcoming BlackBerry devices leaked

Commercials for two of BlackBerry’s upcoming devices have been leaked out onto the Internet and along with it their official names. First we have the leaked commercial for the BlackBerry Bold 9900, the first touch-type Bold to come from RIM and the other is the BlackBerry 9860 or what most are referring as the Touch.

Typical to the Bold franchise, the ads suggest the 9900 to be a business-centric device with enhanced entertainment features like gaming. The 9860 on the other hand, is positioned to be a more entertainment-focused device for those who like to play games, watch videos and create content with their device.

Considering these BlackBerry leaks are appearing quite regularly in this few weeks, we’re expecting a big announcement from RIM very soon.


More BlackBerry Touch UI video surface

BlackBerry fans, this is it. A new BlackBerry device is coming this year and it appears that the people at RIM have finally realised that to win more customers, a major redesign of its UI architecture is required. But for BlackBerry, things are more complicated because if the new UI brings with it a completely different user experience, RIM run a very real risk of losing a substantial number of its loyal users who have resisted from jumping onto the iOS or Android bandwagon because of the BlackBerry experience. It’s basic, no frills and when you get the hang of it, BlackBerry devices are pretty easy to use for those who like it.

And so we have this, a new series of videos showcasing the new BlackBerry UI on top of the two videos we posted earlier. We like what we see. The interface is contemporary, looks sleek and puts the BlackBerry brand closer to Android and iOS. Heck, we’re intrigued.

Head on over to after the jump for the videos.

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Upcoming BlackBerry Bold Touch & Storm UI revealed in tutorial videos

While waiting for a fresh batch of BlackBerry devices to come our way, CrackBerry & N4BB has stumble upon some tutorial videos which showcases the new device UI. This year, BlackBerry is expected to release a Blackberry Bold replacement that comes with a touch screen. It carries the codename Dakota (GSM) and Montana (CDMA). The other device is what seems to be a BlackBerry Storm replacement known as the Monaco.

In a time where most smart phones are already breaking the 1GHz barrier, the rumoured BlackBerry Trio too is said to be bumping up their processor, RAM and screen resolutions to close the gap with their rivals. In case you missed it, you can check out the earlier leak videos of the BlackBerry Storm 3 here and early shots of the BlackBerry Bold Touch here.

The videos are quite short with less than 30 seconds each but it gives you a quick preview of what BlackBerry 6.1 has to offer on these new models. Check out the UI demos after the break.

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Upcoming BlackBerry Storm 3 caught on video

Sometime in September last year, we have a glimpse of what appears to be a BlackBerry Storm 3. Last month, more details of the Storm 3 aka Monaco breaks cover and the specification includes a 1.2GHz processor, a 3.7″ screen capable of 800×480 and a 5MP camera capable of recording 720p HD videos.

Now there’s a video leaked on the Storm 3 which gives a quick look on the device running BlackBerry OS 6 and its exterior design. Check out the video after the break.

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Early BlackBerry Storm 3 teaser for 2011 release

Earlier we had a peek of the new BlackBerry Trio – all new Curve, Bold & Torch slated for this year release. Now the BlackBerry Storm 3 breaks cover with some serious hardware upgrades to step up their game in the smart phone arena.

So what’s new with the Storm 3? Firstly it now features the highest resolution screen ever for BlackBerry with a 3.7″ capacitive display capable of 800×480 pixels. Just like the Torch 2, it is powered with a 1.2GHz processor. According to BGR, there’s a possibility of BlackBerry dropping the “Storm” name but it is still too early to tell right now.

Head after the break for the full specs of the BlackBerry Storm 3.

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