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BlackBerry 6 now available for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Curve 3G

Owners of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and the BlackBerry Curve 3G can now upgrade the operating system of their devices to the latest BlackBerry 6 OS

To upgrade, existing owners of the BlackBerry Curve 3G and BlackBerry Bold 9700 can connect their smartphone to their computer and go to to download the update.

Unlike Apple, where subsequent updates means less and less new features being introduced to older models, we assume that the OS update for BlackBerry Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Curve 3G users will offer the full set of features and enhancements that come with BlackBerry 6. If that is the case, it would feel almost like getting a new phone.

BlackBerry Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Curve 3G users, let us know how the OS upgrade turned out for you.

BlackBerry Bold 9780 now on Maxis


Maxis finally offers the BlackBerry Bold 9780. Several weeks back, Celcom had started offering theirs from RM1188 and DiGi from RM1099. There was even a one day special deal from DiGi which offered the BlackBerry Bold 9780 for as low as RM799.

On Maxis, the Bold 9780 is offered with old bundle method with 1 year subscription of BIS services. For postpaid, it goes for RM2259 with 12 months of BIS Advance of RM360. For prepaid, it is offered at RM2079 which comes with 6 months of BIS plan of RM180. For more information, head to Maxis’s Blackberry page here.


DiGi offers BlackBerry Bold 9780, RM799 for first 500


DiGi has revealed the BlackBerry Bold 9780 on DG Smart Plan. This was a surprise move considering they didn’t even do the typical Registration of Interest before hand. The BlackBerry Bold 9780 on DiGi is sold outright for RM1899 and it is also offered on contract at RM1349 for 12 months and RM1099 for 24 months. Check out the bundle pricing here.

If you’ve been eyeing for the Bold 9780, there’s a special promo that offers it for only RM799. This is happening tomorrow at selected 9 outlets nationwide for the first 500 that signs up. The 9 outlets are SoHoKL, Sunway Pyramid, Klang, Ipoh, Api-api KK, Berjaya Times Square, SS2 PJ, Seremban and Pulau Tikus Penang. This offer is tied with a 24 months contract.

More details on tomorrows RM799 promo here.

Currently DiGi is the 2nd telco to offer the Bold 9780 after Celcom which had just launched last week.

Celcom offers BlackBerry Bold 9780 nationwide tomorrow


The latest BlackBerry Bold 9780 will be available nationwide at Celcom Blue Cube outlets starting tomorrow, 17th November 2010. Earlier on, the BlackBerry Bold 9780 was initially offered at their KLCC Roadshow last weekend.


The bundled price remains unchanged from RM1188 with the RM250 commitment plan, while the lower commitment Celcom Exec 50 with BlackBerry lite is offered at RM1488. Although the RRP price is listed as RM1888, it doesn’t seem that you can buy the device outright without commitment at the moment.

More details on Celcom’s BlackBerry Bold 9780 offering here.


Celcom offers BlackBerry Bold 9780 from RM1188 at KLCC


Celcom is running a promotion for BlackBerry devices at KLCC from now until 14th November. Among the offer is the new BlackBerry Bold 9780.

The BlackBerry Bold 9780 is offered at RM1488 for Celcom Exec 50 with BlackBerry Lite or RM1388 if you opt for BlackBerry Pro. The higher commitment Celcom Exec 250 + BIS has it bundled for RM1188. RRP for the Bold 9780 is listed as RM1888. All bundle pricing are tied with 12 months contract.

Meanwhile, the older Bold 9700 and Curve 9300 has been reduced as well from as low as RM838 and RM438 respectively as shown on the table above. To make it sweeter, they are throwing limited stock gifts such as pouches and Touch & Go cards.

More details over at Celcom page.


BlackBerry Bold 9780 coming to Malaysia in November

UPDATE: Blackberry Bold 9780 now available from Celcom at KLCC roadshow.

The BlackBerry Bold 9780 was announced just recently and now word has it that it’s coming to Malaysia in couple of weeks time.

As a result, we would expect further price reduction on BlackBerry Bold 9700 to make way for the enhanced Bold. On the device itself, the Bold 9780 doesn’t differ much compared to the 9700 that it replaces. The only difference is improved camera, increase on-board memory to 512MB and it runs on the newer BlackBerry 6 OS.


BlackBerry 6 OS leaked for Blackberry Bold 9700

CrackBerry has found the leaked BlackBerry 6 OS for BlackBerry Bold 9700 users. If you’re using one and can’t wait for the official release, here’s your chance to get a taste of BlackBerry 6. The version they have gotten is OS

Please note that leaked OS are unofficial and it is only for those who know exactly what they are doing. We’re not responsible if you bricked your BlackBerry or if anything goes wrong. Do check out the ongoing discussion thread at Crackberry for more details.

Here are the links to download:


RIM introduces BlackBerry Bold 9780

Research in Motion (RIM) has announced the arrival of its newest addition to the Bold family, the BlackBerry Bold 9780. You probably expect some physical changes for a newer model but the 9780 retains the similar external shell as the BlackBerry Bold 9700. The key differences lie on the inside where they have bumped up the on board memory from 256MB to 512MB while the camera has been improved from 3.2MP to 5.0MP. Being a new phone, it runs on the latest BlackBerry 6 OS.

That’s about it on the new changes as you’ll get the same 802.11 b/g WiFi, assisted GPS, Bluetooth Tri-band with 3G HSDPA support and the usual features you get on the 9700. With the minimal changes, we won’t expect existing BlackBerry Bold 9700 users to make a switch anytime soon, considering RIM will eventually offer them an upgrade to the latest OS. Obviously the newer 9780 will be a better performer with its doubled memory but that isn’t enough to justify for an upgrade.

For more information on the Bold 9780, you can download the pdf brochure and spec sheet here.

Revealed: Several official looking videos of BlackBerry Style 9760

RIM is working on a full QWERTY flip phone called the BlackBerry Style 9670, aptly named for the style-conscious target market that the new device is squarely aimed at.

The Style will be running on BlackBerry 6 with a dual-screen setup (a 360×400 internal main screen and a 240×320 external colour display). There’s a 5MP camera with autofocus, face recognition and image stabilisation. There’s also WiFi and aGPS. No word on the processor and RAM but it does comes bundled with a 8GB MicroSD.

No official word on when the BlackBerry Style 9670 will be released but it looks to be soon with the advent of several official looking videos that highlight some of the key features of the device.

Head on over to after the jump to take a look at the videos.

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BlackBerry Oxford 9670 will be officially named BlackBerry Style

A little bit of interesting snippet for you BlackBerry fans out there.

You have probably already gotten word that BlackBerry will be launching its first full QWERTY flip phone soon. When we got the product details of this new flip BlackBerry, we thought that RIM would actually call the device Oxford. Turns out they have a completely different name in mind.

Considering the notion that flip phones are more for the style conscious mobile users, RIM is looking to hammer in that association by naming the 9670 as BlackBerry Style. Yeah, it’s straight to the point and obvious, but it’s not too creative is it?

What do you think?

While you’re thinking about it, here’s a refresher on what the BlackBerry Style 9670 will be packing. A full QWERTY flip phone, running on BlackBerry 6 with a dual-screen setup (a 360×400 internal main screen and a 240×320 external colour display).

There’s a 5MP camera with autofocus, face recognition and image stabilisation. There’s also WiFi and aGPS. No word on the processor and RAM but it does comes bundled with a 8GB MicroSD.


Maxis opens BlackBerry Torch & Curve 3G registration of interest


UPDATE: Maxis officially reveals BlackBerry Curve 3G plans for postpaid and prepaid.

This comes pretty early than expected. Maxis has now started to accept registration of Interest for the BlackBerry Torch with its latest BlackBerry 6.0 OS. Also open for registration is the Blackberry Curve 3G. This is the first offering of the devices in Malaysia. BlackBerry kings in Malaysia, Celcom, had already offer solid pre-bookings for the BlackBerry Curve 3G last week.

As usual, no pricing details are available yet and we wonder which one will be launched first. The iPhone 4 or BlackBerry Torch?

When the torch was revealed a while back, we’re not excited at all as there wasn’t anything revolutionary. If you’re still interested, head on to the registration page here.


Info on new BlackBerry Bold leaked

Click for larger image.

It’s probably a loosely kept secret that RIM is working on successor for the all too familiar Bold 9700. But what is not known is that how the Bold replacement will look like. It turns out, not much different from the current Bold, which, if you recall, looks very much like the Bold 9000 that was launched over two years ago.

So what can you expect with the new Bold?

From leaked internal product presentation slides, it looks like the new Bold is more of a refresher model for the current 9700. Design-wise the new Bold — codenamed R020 (rumored to be called the Bold 9780 when it enters the market) — will wear very much the same look as the 9700 but with “premium materials” being used in the construction. Will the new Bold see titanium and carbon fibre being used? We doubt it very much. There will be however, a “piano-style QWERTY”, charcoal rails (as opposed to the chrome accents we see on the 9700) and leather accents on the back panel. And there will be a white version as well.

In terms of specs, not much has changed, The new Bold will get more memory 512MB RAM compared to today’s 256MB and there’s a 5MP camera with autofocus and LED flash (what? no 720p HD recording?) and 512MB on board memory. For memory expansion, the upcoming Bold takes in MicroSD up to 32GB in size.

The R020 will run BlackBerry 6 and if the walkthrough video we saw earlier is any indication, then you can expect the R020 to run very snappy, with a much improved web browsing experience. Much better, it seems, than the Torch 9800.

No launch date is stated in the slides, but we’re shooting for a holiday season appearance of the new Bold.