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Maxis reduces monthly mobile internet plan rates

Maxis has finally revealed its new reduced monthly mobile internet plans. Just recently, most Maxis subscribers with mobile internet plans were bumped with higher data quota for free. The most recent we’ve seen is existing 500MB subscribers at RM58/month are upgraded to 1.5GB/month.

Comparing the new rates with the previous one, the 500MB and 3GB plans are reduced by RM20. The 1.5GB option is currently missing form the table but there’s a new 1GB option at RM48/month. Another plan that’s missing is the 6GB option at RM98/month. Overall, the reductions are pretty good which saves you RM240/year.

Maxis still charges excess fee if you exceed your monthly quota but the rates are now cheaper at 30sen per MB. Previously it was charged at 10sen per 10KB which is about RM10 per MB. For more information, head over to Maxis Mobile Internet section.

Maxis intros 100MB monthly pass and revises FUP

Maxis has introduced a new monthly data denomination allowing better flexibility to its subscribers who are light mobile Internet users.

In addition to the hourly and daily pass, mobile Internet users can now opt for a 100MB monthly pass for RM18/month. This is all well and good but be warned that access data usage over the data cap will be charged an average of RM0.05/10kB.

If you do the math that’s RM0.18/MB or RM18/100MB or a whopping RM180/GB. If you’re using your mobile phone as a modem occasionally, you will know how easy it is for you to hit 1GB so be careful. Obviously this also means that the smaller data cap plan you opt for the more expensive the data is.

The charges however only applies to all of the monthly plans except for the new 100MB monthly pass. So we’d recommend you really study your data usage first before signing up for a particular plan.

The good thing with the Maxis plans is that all plans are now speed free, that means you get the best speed the network can offer at the time of browsing. This makes it much, much easier to choose a plan that’s right for you.

As a comparison, U Mobile offers 100MB at 384kbps download for RM10/month and 300MB at 1.0Mbps download for RM20/month. The U Mobile 300MB plan looks like a better deal compared to the Maxis one.

Also, Maxis has revised the data cap for its discontinued RM99/3GB plan. Subscribers who are on this plan (we suspect most of the Maxis iPhone owners are) will get their data cap bumped up to 6GB/month but Maxis reserve the right to either throttle, block or charge for excess use. Says so in the FAQ here (see FAQ #2).

Maxis! Make up your mind! This open ended clause is extremely favourable to you. Don’t threat your customers like that.

Click here to get the details from Maxis.