Battery Life

Samsung rolls out an important update for the Gear S2

Traditional timepieces are still adored by the masses but when you have an accessory that tells the time and lives on your wrist, your (smart)watch by all means, should last you through the week; that is unless you’re using a Samsung Gear S2. Through our experience with this smartwatch, it definitely doesn’t come close to the manufacturer’s quoted two-three day battery life; mostly lasting us a day and a half at most.

If you’re like us and are unhappy about the battery life on your new Samsung smartwatch, this new software update might just give you a little extra time – see what we did there.

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Want double the battery life? Gionee’s upcoming phone has two batteries inside


Smart phone makers are often looking at ways to increase the battery life of their devices. Fast charging sure does help to minimise the waiting time but nothing beats having to use the device for a full day without the need of carrying a power bank.

Apart from optimising power consumption, the common solution is to fit a high capacity battery into a smart phone. Now Chinese maker Gionee, that has an obsession of making ultra-thin smart phones has a different approach in mind. Like the teaser picture above suggests, Gionee thinks that having two batteries is better than one.

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The Samsung Galaxy S6’s battery lags behind its predecessor


At a extremely skinny 6.8mm thin, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the thinnest devices on the market. Unfortunately, such a slim figure comes with a price; there isn’t space to fit everything and the component that usually needs the most space is the battery.

The smartphone sports a 2,550 mAh battery, which is a fair bit smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S5‘s battery of 2800mAh, but has to keep a 1440 x 2560 Quad HD super AMOLED display going for as long as it can.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Test Results reveal longer Talk Time and Web Browsing than Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a 2,800mAh capacity battery which is 200mAh more than the Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 came in 2 versions (Octa-Core non-LTE and Quad-Core 4G LTE). Among the two, the 4G LTE version powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon had delivered a longer battery life compared to its Samsung Exynos equivalent.

With the Galaxy S5 running on Qualcomm’s high-end 2.5GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 801 processor and a slightly bigger 5.1″ Full HD display, naturally we would expect longer usage especially with its larger battery capacity. On GSMArena’s battery test, the new Galaxy S5 manages to push a longer Talk Time and Web Browsing usage even than the Galaxy Note 3 that packs a larger 3,200mAh battery. However when it comes to video playback, the Galaxy S5 seems to struggle and it manages a shorter usage than its former Galaxy S4 non-LTE version.

Most recently, the Galaxy S5 found to be one of the brightest smart phone displays ever. In auto brightness, the Galaxy S5 reported to be 47% brighter than the Galaxy S4 and 6% brighter than the Galaxy Note 3 in bright ambient lighting. This could probably the reason behind its shorter video playback compared with its predecessor.

With the new HTC One M8 thrown into the picture, it gets a little bit more interesting. Despite having a much smaller 2,600mAh capacity battery, the M8 manages to push a respectable talktime and web browsing usage that’s quite close to the Galaxy S5. What’s even more amazing is last year’s HTC One (M7) which manages to push close to 10 hours of web browsing usage which is probably the result of its frugal power management.

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Optimising Battery Life on Android devices

At Google I/O 2010, Larry Page has mentioned that Android’s battery life is pretty good and added that “if you are not getting a day, there is something wrong.” Most issues of short battery life for Android are partly blamed on apps and unnecessary data usage that sucks out battery life without you realising it.

Initially we thought Larry Page was just giving an arrogant response to those who doubts Android’s power management but we ended up agreeing with what he had just said. After playing around with Android devices, we admit that how you set up your device does make a big difference when it comes to battery life.

We’ve compiled a guide on how to improve and optimise your battery life for Android devices.

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