Exploring the modular and peripheral world with LG Friends


Going through life alone is never ideal and you’re most likely to enjoy it better when surrounded by friends. LG knows this and wants to metaphorically do the same for its flagship smartphone. Google tried and are still toying around with modular parts through their Project Ara program and there’s even a smartphone case that lets you do the same.

LG believes that we’re still yet to reach “peak smartphone” and whilst moving forward, modules and add-on peripherals are the paths to take. The idea is exciting and being the first to take it on is a big deal but if others follow suit and do better, trouble might loom.

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Mi Headphones: Can you get top quality audio for cheap? The answer is yes and no.


Xiaomi has really been branching out as of late, producing not only great budget smartphones but also powerbanks, wearables and now their very first set of premium headphones which was announced earlier this year alongside the Mi Note.

The company’s first foray into audio was with their Piston in-ear earphones, of which the second generation Piston was launched not too long ago sporting the same styling as the Mi Headphones. The Piston is priced very cheaply too at RM 50, following Xiaomi’s tradition of having insanely cheap prices.

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Xiaomi’s premium Mi Headphones goes on sale on 8th April


Xiaomi’s Piston in-ear headphones deliver great value for money at just RM50. If you demand greater sound, Xiaomi is bringing its new premium Mi Headphones to Malaysia. This was announced in January together with its Mi Note.

Priced at RM319, this is no ordinary pair of headphones. For starters, it comes with a larger 50mm diaphragm with a 2 micron thick acoustic membrane. This promises to deliver better bass and incredible sensitivity that should please most music listeners. In terms of materials, you can expect similar quality as its current Gold coloured Pistons.

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Oppo Indonesia teases new device with High Quality audio


UPDATE: The audio device is Oppo’s Planar Magnetic Headphones. Thanks to “htcuser” for the tip. More details after the break.

Oppo in Indonesia has posted a teaser image that a new device for audiophiles is coming soon. They have yet to reveal any pictures of the product and it may not turn out to be a smart phone with the best speakers on it. The new device which claims to offer the best audio experience will be revealed today and a user had posted a picture in their Facebook post which could be the actual product.

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