Apple Watch Battery

Your Apple Watch 2 with swollen battery could be fixed for free

Apple Watch 2 free repair

Not too long ago, one of our original 1st gen Apple Watch had its screen pop out like the picture above. It was out of warranty but we managed to get it replaced for free. Apparently, Apple had quietly extended the warranty for up to 3 years to address issues of swelling batteries on their first generation product.

Now it appears that Apple is doing something similar for its newer Apple Watch Series 2 that has water resistance and built-in GPS.

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If your Apple Watch screen pops out like this, you could get it replaced for free

The Apple Watch is undoubtedly the best selling smart watch of all time. In its 3rd generation, the Apple Watch retains the same design and if you’re still on the first gen Apple Watch, there’s very little reason to upgrade unless you’re into swimming and require better water resistance.

If your good old Apple Watch from 2015 is having its screen popped up as shown above, don’t attempt to fix it yourself. It happened to our own unit and we just managed to get the whole watch replaced for free.

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Don’t expect spectacular battery life with the Apple Watch


The new Watch is Apple’s next big thing that could shake things up for smart wearables this year. As the world waits for its official release, new information on its battery life has started to trickle out of Apple Watch’s development team.

According to the source, Apple wants to make the watch experience as fluid and high resolution as possible. With a Retina-like display that animates at 60fps and a new S1 chip that performs close to an iPhone 4S (Apple A5), its battery life is getting a huge hit.

Under intensive heavy use, the Apple Watch is said to last just 2.5 hours while standard app usage would last slightly longer at about 3.5 hours. For constant fitness tracking, it does better at 4 hours, which is more than enough for most workouts.

Apple is still pushing the watch for a full day of use on a single charge. By default, the display is always off when not in use, and it will show the time only when required. If used solely as a clock, the watch could do a total of 3 hours of on-display time inclusive of all watch animations. Apple aims for at least 19 hours of mixed usage on a single charge but the report indicates that they are struggling just that.

So if you’re eyeing for this shiny new watch, do expect to charge it at least once a day or more if you’re going to use it for more than just telling time. At least it is good to know that it is easy to charge using its MagSafe inductive charger. In terms of charging, the report says that it takes longer than expected but they are trying to fix it before it gets released.