Angry Birds

Rovio teams up with Hasbro to bring Angry Birds Transformers


Brace yourself, a new game based on the Angry Birds franchise is coming.

Not much details have been released but Rovio, the developers behind the Angry Birds empire, say that the “mash-up is going to appeal to those who grew up with the brand in the 80s, as well as fans of the brand today. People are going to love it!” A new line of Transformers Telepods will also accompany the release of the game.

Speaking of release dates, for now Rovio can only say that the Angry Birds: Transformers is “coming soon”.


Angry Birds Epic out now for iOS but only for Australia, Canada and New Zealand.


If you’re looking for something different, the RPG based Angry Birds Epic game is out now for iOS devices. However it is only available for Australia, Canada and New Zealand users for now. The game is set in a fantasy world called Piggy Island where you can collect weapons, armours and potions to complete the game. It is free to download and extra items are available as an in-game purchase.

According to Rovio, they are restricting the game to the 3 countries as a Soft Launch phase to garner initial feedback. International release is said to be very soon but without mentioning any specific dates.

To get a better idea of its game play, watch the official Angry Birds Epic trailer after the break.

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Rovio going RPG in upcoming Angry Birds EPIC


Rovio Mobile is looking at all opportunity to extend its Angry Birds series. Apart from Angry Birds Stella, they are currently working on a Role Playing Game that’s free to play with optional in-game purchase.

The new game will be called Angry Birds EPIC and you can choose from a variety of bird characters, weapons and battle it out on an EPIC World map. Details of the game is rather limited but the recently released teaser video mentions that it will be available first in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Check out the teaser video and screenshots of the game after the break.

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Rovio introduces Angry Birds Stella with 5 new birds


Rovio continues to drop more hints of its new Angry Birds sequel which will be called Angry Birds Stella. The new episode story evolves around Stella, a pink Angry Bird character and she will be joined by 5 new characters. Nothing much has been revealed about the game play but it is like to be the same sling shot action as the original.

The game is expected to be released in Fall, which is still far away in September. Somehow the teaser pic looks like something from a full featured animated movie, don’t you think?


Rovio teases new Angry Birds adventure is coming soon


Ok guys. Time to give Flappy Bird a rest. Rovio has teased that an all new Angry Birds game is coming soon. It also comes along with a series of new birds to play with. The release date is still unknown but Rovio will be revealing more details tomorrow.

A few months back, Rovio has released Angry Birds Go, a go-kart spin off of their popular game. The new Angry Birds could be a return back to its original bird slinging action with a couple of new features thrown in.


Angry Birds Go now available to download on Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10 & Windows Phone 8


The popular Angry Birds franchise continuse in an all new go-kart game format. Instead of sling shooting birds across the screen, the new Angry Birds Go offers a fast paced racing game set in a 3D world which is similar to Mario Go Kart. It is free to download and available on all 4 popular platforms such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8.

Rovio, the maker of the game has also mentioned that a multiplayer experience will be coming soon sometime in Spring next year. To download, click one of the links below:

BlackBerry 10
Windows Phone

Watch the trailer of Angry Birds Go after the break.

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Angry Birds Go Set to Reignite Angry Birds Fever this December


Angry Birds may be one of the most popular mobile gaming title since Snake but catapulting various kinds of birds into shacks made by pigs is getting a lame. It’s a good thing then that Rovio is coming out with Angry Birds Go — a spin-off of the Angry Birds franchise that has all the makings of a surefire hit.

Judging by the pre-release trailer (that you can view after the jump), Angry Birds Go is a combination of everything that made Angry Birds great repackaged into a kart racing game that looks good and promises to be fun and addictive. Aside from racing, the game promises a lot of variations as well with upgradeable vehicles and character power-ups.

Angry Birds Go will be available free on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8. Blackberry 10 users will be happy to know that the game will be available on their platform as well.

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Angry Birds Franchise is Getting a Fresh New Revamp Soon

Angry Birds, the game’s a bit long in the tooth and besides how many versions of the same game can you make? A lot by Rovio’s count but seriously we’re getting sick of throwing a bunch of birds at pigs. And Bad Piggies didn’t really take off like the birds did. Thankfully Rovio has started working on other games and the developer’s latest project looks to be its most interesting.

Rovio is teaming up with cool juice maker Red Bull to create a new spin-off based on the Angry Birds franchise. The new game will be called Angry Birds Go and from the just released teaser video, you can expect the game to have kart racing and maybe some track building. Whatever it is, it looks like fun and we can’t wait to try it out.

Angry Birds Star Wars coming this 8th November

It’s no longer a joke, Angry Birds Star Wars is coming to Android and iOS devices this coming 8th November. Just when you thought Rovio is solely focusing on Bad Piggies, those Angry Birds are still here to stay. They revealed nothing about the game play but we’re guessing it could be a themed version of Angry Birds Space.

Exactly one month to go before it is available for download.


Angry Birds Space now available for download

If you’ve been waiting for the next installment for Angry Birds, today they have officially released its Angry Birds Space. The game play is somehow different this time in space as it involves a different trajectory, orbits and gravity.

For Galaxy Note users, they are offering exclusive Danger Zone updates with additional levels and a new Lazer bird.

Download them with the links below:
Android (FREE)
iPhone/iPod Touch (US$0.99)
iPad (US$2.99)

Angry Birds Space with exclusive content for Galaxy Note

This coming 22nd March, Rovio mobile will be releasing its all new Angry Birds Space. Now taking place in space, the game play is somewhat different with the lack of gravity.

In partnership with Samsung, Galaxy Note owners will get to enjoy free exclusive content such as free access to Danger Zone update which comes with 30 maps and a new Lazer Bird with super powers. The game will be available on iOS, Android, Mac and PC this 22nd.

One more video showing the gameplay of Angry Birds Space after the break.

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