UPDATED: SoyaCincau’s best smartphones under RM1,200 (2nd half, 2018)

What a year it has been so far since the last time we published our best smartphones under RM1,200 (2018 edition). We changed governments in a historic election nobody saw coming, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is now zero-rated and, of course, a whole bunch of brand new affordable smartphones launched.

We thought about a simple update to our original guide, but because so much has changed, we figured it would be a disservice for you to just add the couple of new phones to the end of that one. Instead, we decided that it would be better if we gave the whole guide a proper face-lift, featuring the new updated GST-less budget smartphones, several brand new handsets and a revised Editor’s Choice section.

Here’s our ultimate budget smartphone guide Part 2.

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The DJI-powered Tello is a backflipping bucket of fun for everyone

When I hear the words “DJI” and “drone”, I often picture a fairly competent flying contraption that can be used to record epic aerial cinematography — because that’s the kind of reputation DJI has built for themselves. Even their tiny entry-level drone, the DJI Spark, has a 2-axis mechanical gimbal and a myriad of intelligent flight features.

The latest DJI-powered drone I got to try out, however, is a little different. It is called the Tello and as far as I can tell right now, it’s a lot more toy than it is film-making tool.

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Mi 8: Xiaomi’s craziest-looking phone unfortunately looks like an iPhone X

Yes, they skipped 7, but who cares? Xiaomi’s brand new flagship smartphone has finally launched as the Mi 8. And, from the looks of things, this 2018 device holds true to a lot of what we’ve already come to love about Xiaomi smartphones.

Oh, and there are two more variants besides the normal Mi 8 that’s designed for both the baller and the more sensible of you.

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The Nokia X6 is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 killer

Everyone who cared, remembered the disastrous Nokia X Android smartphones of the past. They were just nasty things that never should have seen the light of day. You’d think that the company would want to bury something that crashed so hard in a dark hole and throw away the hole, but nope, they’re bringing the Nokia X name right back.

Thankfully, it looks like this time the Nokia X6 — as it is called — looks like a solid mid-range smartphone you’d wan’t to spend your money on. Nay, it looks like a really good bang-for-buck device.

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Canon’s EOS M50 seems too good to be true…because it kind of is

For video enthusiasts, Canon is pretty much the camera industry’s biggest tease. Their cameras have great colour science, great auto-focus, great image quality, good battery life, and proper fully articulating LCD displays, but if you wanted 4K video recording, you were limited to either their gigantic Cinema EOS series or the something like the 1D X.

Well, not anymore. Canon has finally brought 4K video recording to something more accessible for your average joe. Meet the Canon EOS M50. But, of course, it’s Canon, which means there’s a catch.

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