A9 Aero

The HTC One A9 has been officially launched in Malaysia. Here are 3 reasons you might want one


HTC are a falling company and it isn’t hard to see why. Disappointing flagships paired with high price tags go a long way in getting people to shy away from them. In an attempt to bounce back, HTC pulled back the covers of their new midrange smartphone, the One A9.

While the One A9’s specs are nothing to shout about, there are some reasons why you would want to get your hands on this shiny new device. Since it just got its official launch here in Malaysia, we thought we’d take a look at what some of those reasons are.

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HTC aims to reduce clutter on its Sense skin and provide faster OS updates

Turnarounds for the Taiwanese company has mainly been negative, from being a powerhouse in the smartphone world back in 2011, to most recently plummeting off the main stock exchange in Taiwan. Has their team finally smartened up by listening to its consumers? Nigel Newby-House, their head of product, talks about how the company intends to scale back on their custom UI, HTC Sense; bases that have been covered by Samsung on their TouchWiz skin, which now is a lot lighter than before.

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