Compared: iPhone 8 telco plans in Malaysia

The iPhone 8 is now available for pre-order in Malaysia and you can get it on contract from the big 4 telcos – Celcom, Digi, Maxis and U Mobile.

Overall, the iPhone 8 costs more than last year’s iPhone 7. The base model starts from RM3,649 and it comes with 64GB of storage. If you plan to buy it with substantial subsidies, getting it on contract is probably the best way to go. So which telco should you go for? We’ve compared all the iPhone 8 plans for your easy reference.

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Speed test: iPhone 8 Plus vs Galaxy Note8

iPhone 8 Plus vs Galaxy Note8

With the release of the latest iPhone models from Apple, the guys at Phonebuff have pitted the iPhone 8 Plus against the Galaxy Note8 in a real-world speed test. Both features top of the line specs but they come with different internals and operating system. Although the iPhone X is Apple’s top of the line product, the iPhone 8 Plus also uses the same hexa-core A11 Bionic chip.

So, the best of iOS vs the best of Android, who will win? Head after the break to find out.

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SoyaCincau’s ULTIMATE flagship smartphone camera comparison

This post was originally published on 7th September 2017. It has been updated with the final results.

If there’s one thing people like more than getting new smartphones/gadgets/toys, it’s finding out that their smartphone/gadget/toy is better than everyone else’s. It’s human nature, or maybe just our egos, but the desire to turn everything into a stick measuring contest has been in our blood for generations.

Well, if one of the sticks you want to measure is your flagship smartphone’s camera performance, this article is for you. You seemed to love our last camera comparison, so we’re doing it again, only this time there’s a twist.

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Compared: Samsung Galaxy Note8 telco pre-order plans in Malaysia

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Malaysia Preorder Telco Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is now available for pre-order in Malaysia between 5 to 10 September 2017. Retailing at RM3,999, this is the most expensive Samsung Galaxy Note yet but you can enjoy substantial subsidy if you get it on contract.

So which telco or plan should you go for? We have compared our current telco offers from Celcom, Digi, Maxis, U Mobile and Yes 4G for your easy reference. This includes their device pricing, bundled minutes, sms, data and their minimum cost of ownership. At the moment, all telcos are only offering the Galaxy Note8 with a 24-month contract.

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Xiaomi Mi 6 review: Almost a no-brainer

It’s no secret that I wasn’t a big fan of last year’s Xiaomi Mi 5. I didn’t like how it performed, I didn’t like its camera and for the most part, I was quite annoyed that we got what felt like scraps instead of the proper flagship we hyped it up to be.

This year, as Malaysia finally gets its turn at the Xiaomi flagship Mi 6, it’s time to find out if they’ve learned their lessons.

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OnePlus 5 review: Ignore the hate, this phone is awesome

Oh, man has the OnePlus 5 received a lot of hate. From benchmark cheating, all the way to sub-par camera performances that have led the public to call DxOMark’s credibility into question, OnePlus’ latest flagship hasn’t had the smoothest of launches.

But, while it’s easy to get caught up with all the hate, all the rage, and all the feelings of dissatisfaction surrounding this smartphone, a lot of people tend to forget one really, really important thing about this new flagship:

It’s a damn good smartphone.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review: Great hardware in a dying form factor

There was a time where I seriously considered the merits of getting an Android tablet. In my head I had my desktop in my work room, my laptop in my bedroom and my phone with me on the can. But I didn’t have a device in my living room and that’s where I thought the tablet would fit perfectly.

Talk about #firstworldproblems, amirite? Every now and again, this small part of my mind begins to entertain the idea of a tablet again and I start to think that maybe it was time for me to get one.

And then I got my hands on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 — a powerful Android tablet with a beautiful screen, and a nice set of speakers. Theoretically, this is exactly what I needed but after spending some time with it, the Tab S3 only served to prove that nobody really needs an Android tablet.

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Lenovo Yoga Book review: The best future a tablet has

The tablet is in a weird spot. It was supposed to be this hybrid that lives somewhere between the laptop and the smartphone, complementing both. But as smartphones got bigger and laptops got lighter, smaller and more powerful, it became really hard to justify picking up a tablet. And so, the need for such a device dwindled.

But now I think I’ve found the tablet’s salvation. It’s called the Lenovo Yoga Book and I love it to bits.

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