iPhone XR’s camera is better than the Pixel 2 and iPhone X according to DxOMark

iPhone XR DxOMark

Smartphone makers these days are pushing for more cameras to be fitted on the back of the phone. When Apple announced the iPhone XR, it came with a single camera instead of two like its more expensive iPhone XS and XS Max. Are you really losing out for having just one camera? 

According to DxOMark Mobile, the iPhone XR is the best single-camera smartphone at the moment. It even beats other flagship contenders like the Galaxy S9+, Xiaomi Mi 8, Pixel 2 and even the iPhone X.

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Nokia 8.1: This is what Nokia considers a flagship phone

When the Nokia 8 was introduced last year, it was a promising flagship smartphone on paper. It had a top of the line Snapdragon 835 processor, a dual-camera system with ZEISS optics and it’s priced just slightly above RM2,000. Unfortunately, the experience was ruined by a problematic camera app and it had an average battery life.

Now there’s a new one and it’s called the Nokia 8.1. While it sounds like a continuation from the flagship Nokia 8, the new 8.1 is basically a global version of the Nokia X7 which is more of a premium mid-range device. Although this isn’t a true flagship successor, HMD Global is calling it a “value flagship” smartphone which is the same category as the Nokia 7 Plus.  

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iPhone XR gets haptic touch notification preview with iOS 12.1.1 update

iOS 12.1.1

The iPhone XR is currently the best selling iPhone at the moment but it’s also the only new iPhone that lacks 3D touch. Instead, it comes with Haptic Touch which isn’t pressure-sensitive but it gives a haptic feedback when you perform long-presses. 

To bridge the gap between haptic touch and 3D touch, Apple is enabling notification preview on the iPhone XR with the latest iOS 12.1.1 update which is rolling out now to all supported iOS devices.

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