U Mobile IDD Bonanza with cash prizes

U Mobile’s IDD Bonanza is back and this time it offers cash prizes for lucky high spending users. From now until the end of the year, the highest spender for selected IDD Bonanza countries will be rewarded with RM18,888 cash.

There’s also monthly prizes of RM1,888 for the highest spender for each respective month. In addition, they are giving RM50 free airtime for every 10th entry for the first 100 users that spend RM10 on IDD Bonanza calls. If you win the RM50 airtime, RM25 will be credited in 2 separate following months. The monthly “2nd” prize mechanics is a little bit confusing which requires some reading on the T&C to understand.

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Maybank gives away HTC Desire daily for m2u mobile promo

Maybank, Malaysia’s most extensive bank is having a promotion for its mobile site, m2u Mobile. From 14th July 2010 onwards, they are giving away a HTC Desire daily for transacting on their mobile site.

To join, just access their mobile site at with your mobile and make a bill payment or interbank transfer. After your transaction, you will be asked a question. If you are the 1000th person with the correct answer, you’ll win the device. This runs until 21st October 2010.

Another interesting thing they highlighted is that m2u is FREE to access on Celcom, DiGi and Maxis subscribers for a short promo period as follows:

  • Celcom – Prepaid 13 July 2010
  • Celcom – Postpaid 23 July 2010
  • Maxis – Prepaid & Postpaid 19 July 2010
  • DiGi – Prepaid & Postpaid 20 July 2010 (Update: DiGi’s diginet APN only.)

This offer is valid for 3 months and we would like to highlight the possibility it could be FREE only if you have the right APN configured on your device, similar to DiGi’s Free Facebook Zero Access.

For more info, head on to Maybank‘s promo page.


Maxis Biggest Fan contest with trips to see Messi and Lampard

In-conjunction with the current football fever, Maxis is running “The Biggest Fan” contest that gives away 10 pairs of trips to see Lionel Messi in Barcelona or Frank Lampard in London.

Participation is simple, simply submit a photo or a video and notify Maxis about it. You can use any media sharing site such as Flikr, Photobucket, youtube but make sure your title starts with “The Maxis Biggest Fan Audition – …” followed by your own title.

The contest is open to both Maxis and Hotlink prepaid customers and submission ends on 12th July 2010.

For more details, head on to the contest site here.

Who’s behind the

We found this viral website masking itself as a blog that is championing the cause against – of all things – cheap Internet.

The People Against Cheap Internet Konection or PACIK for short, is apparently an organisation that believes the Internet is evil because it causes Internet addiction. The founder and chairman of PACIK claims that the inspiration for the movement came after a close friend lost his arm from too much Internet.


If you believe in the cause, you can join PACIK fight against cheap Internet and Internet addiction.

It all sounds a bit too far-fetched to be true and most probably everything on the site/blog is fictional.

What we’re interested in is who made this site/blog and for what reason.

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Nokia Malaysia is giving you a ticket to the big league

Nokia will be running an online reality show and is currently looking for 12 eighteen to thirty year olds to battle it out for internship opportunities at four high-profile companies. Contestants will take on a series of challenges for the bragging rights of being crowned The Rookie and a shot at winning RM10,000 in cash.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be The Rookie, head on over to the competition site and sign up. It’s not that difficult really, you have to be between the ages of 18 to 30 and you must be unemployed.

That’s really tough.

Here’s a little incentive for you, all contestants will each get a E72 just for taking part.

Click the LINK for more details.

Hotlink brings iPad to Malaysia!

Hold your horses people, the iPad in question is not for sale. It is in fact the top prize for a movie contest that Hotlink is running. It’s no piddly, low-end 16GB either, Hotlink is giving away the almost top of the line 64GB version.

More details HERE.

Best of all, Maxis subscribers can have a whack at the iPad too (that means Maxis subs can also participate in the contest).

Good luck to you sir!

DiGi Prepaid: Activate and reload RM10, get RM30 FREE!


DiGi is driving up its acquisition drive by offering RM30 FREE extra credits for new prepaid subscribers that top up a minimum of RM10. This promotion is open to new subscribers from now until 30th April 2009 that activates and top up on the same day.

The RM30 FREE credit is credited RM10 for 3 consecutive months (RM10x3). From the T&C do note that:

  • Top up must be done with a minimum RM10 in a single denomination. 2x RM5 top ups are not accepted.
  • Subscribers must stay active in the 3 months in order to redeem the full RM30 credit.
  • It is up to DiGi’s discretion to give out the first RM10 after the first month, so there’s no exact dateline of getting the credit after top up.
  • Talktime transfer from another account is not considered a reload to qualify.


U Mobile’s Talk All Day, All Night Promo


U Mobile’s running a limited time promo from 1 February to 31 March 2009.

The Talk All Day, All Night promo offers up to 60min of free calls per day from the hours of 7am to 7pm daily and SMS cost 1sen in this period. Calls made after that (during 7pm to 7am) gets a 50% discount and cost 0.4sen/sec (normal price 0.8sen/sec). SMS cost 4sen.

After the 60min are up, calls are charged 0.8sen/sec. For calls to other networks, it appears there’s no change in the rates.

Free calls only apply for calls made within the U Mobile network.

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