The PROTON X70 raises a few questions

At a closed-door event yesterday, PROTON unveiled its first-ever SUV, the PROTON X70. The X70 also marks the end of PROTON’s long-standing tradition of naming its cars using proper nouns instead now all future PROTON models will adopt an alpha-numerical naming convention.

The move to change the way PROTON cars are named is sad for me. The names PROTON use during its early days were among the best names you could have for car. Names like “Saga”, “Wira”, “Satria”, “Putra”, “Perdana”, “Juara” are all unquestionably Malaysian.

Remember seeing a PROTON Wira when I was on holiday in the UK and when I was studying in Australia, I found out that there was a very active PROTON Satria GTI club there. This made me beam with pride. A name like the X70 doesn’t make me feel anything.

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This new Grab competitor has a long road ahead of them

Diffride E-hailing service

UPDATE: Diffride is expected to start their service sometime in September.

Competition is always good. After Uber’s exit from the South East Asian market, Grab is currently the dominant player in the Malaysian market. Sure, there are other alternatives like MyCar at the moment but they are still not on par with the likes of Grab and Uber in terms of reliability and user experience.

Seen as an attempt to break Grab’s monopoly in ride-sharing, Diff Global Solutions Sdn Bhd has officially introduced diffride. It’s a new e-hailing service where you can get a ride in just a couple of taps on your smartphone. We’ve downloaded the app and from our first impressions, it looks like they still have a long way to go.

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4 ways to get a smoother drive this Ramadhan season

Waze Malaysia Ramadhan Tips

Tomorrow marks the first day of Ramadhan. A sacred time of the year for our fellow Muslims friends as they embark on a journey of spiritual reflection and worship. As we all know, aside from embracing the Holy month we will be embracing one of the busiest traffic seasons in Malaysia as well.

For a smoother drive, Waze has shared some useful tips and traffic predictions based on historical data they have acquired in the past years.

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You can pay for MBPJ parking with your smartphone starting next month

After the termination of parking concessionaire Godell Parking Sdn Bhd, Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has reintroduced parking coupons last year which isn’t the most convenient way to pay for parking. You’ll need to buy the coupons in advance and it could be cumbersome if you need to display multiple coupons on your dashboard.

If you hate coupons, there’s a new alternative and you can pay for parking using your smartphone very soon.

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This is probably the most affordable new car with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in Malaysia

Kia Picanto 2018 Malaysia

Malaysians really love their smartphones and it’s common to see most drivers rely on it for navigation and messaging (not supposed to) purposes. For a more connected hands-free drive, there’s Android Auto for Android smartphones and Apple CarPlay for those with an iPhone. Unfortunately, you don’t often see them included as standard when you buy a brand new car in Malaysia.

Naza Kia is about to launch the latest Kia Picanto in Malaysia next week which will support these two connected in-car interfaces. This is their compact A-segment car and it appears to be the most affordable brand new car you can get with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support in the country.

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