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Healthcare workers cover “Kau Ilhamku” as a touching tribute to all Malaysians

Made by Malaysians for Malaysians, Dr. Tew Pei See posted a video of a cover of Kau Ilhamku by Man Bai—sung and performed by Malaysian healthcare workers. The video now has more than 11,000 views since it’s premiere on 10 January 2021.

Very unlike the tone-deaf and cringe-y cover of “Imagine” sung by celebrities, this version of “Kau Ilhamku”—a classic song in its own right—is performed by 26 actual healthcare workers from across the country. The workers are from both government and private sectors, singing and recording in isolation between December 2020 and January 2021.

“It has been over a year of battling the virus and the end is still nowhere to be seen. With the number of cases still surging, the stress on our healthcare system is substantial,” said Dr. Lau Shyan Ling in the Youtube video’s description, “We wish to pay tribute to our heroic colleagues who devote their time and energy, risking their own lives daily to contain the pandemic.”

Dr. Lau also mentions that they wish to thank the members of the public for “diligently practising new norms”, and for “volunteering to assist healthcare workers and other frontliners”. She also tells us to “continue to persevere” and not to give up.

Doctors, nurses, dentists and other healthcare workers in the video is seen singing (pretty well, I might add), playing instruments, and harmonising to the song. Dr. Tew, who produced and edited the video, also played the keyboard and mixed and mastered the track as well.

“Quoting our beloved Director-General of Health YBHG. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Noor Hisham Bin Abdullah, ‘In times of crisis and war, the whole nation must come together as one to fight a common enemy’,” continued Dr. Lau.

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