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PLUS: Viral message about police operation on seat belt use is fake but you still need to buckle up

PLUS has denied claims made in a viralled WhatsApp message that highway users on the North-South Expressway will subject to police checks in the evening for seat belt usage is not true. The message claims that rear seat occupants without their seat belts on will be fined RM300 for one person and RM600 for two persons.

The forwarded message reads:

The North-South Expressway PLUS starts today, and police officers will check every day in the evening~ The passengers in the back seat with no seat belt, will be fined RM300 per person, RM600 for two people”.

Please tell your family and friends to pay attention!
Just now a lot of cars have been issued with fines.

Please notify everyone going out to remember to wear a seat belt at the back seat.

Although the message is not true, PLUS still advises all road users to secure themselves properly with seat belts when travelling on the road. In addition, infants and children must be secured in child safety restraint seats for a safer journey.

At the moment, interstate travel is still permitted and all users are reminded to adhere to the SOPs when they take a break at Rest and Service areas (R&R), Overhead Bridge Restaurants (OBR) and lay-bys. This include wearing of face masks, practicing physical distancing, using hand sanitisers and checking-in via MySejahtera.

For those who are still travelling between states, PLUS has issued a Travel Time Advisory which is still valid until 19th January 2021. Road users heading back to the Klang Valley are advised to start their journey before 9am. For those who are leaving the Klang Valley, it is recommended to start your trip before 9am if you’re heading to Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak and Johor and after 12.00pm if you’re going to other states.

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