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Proton X50: Add a power tailgate and built-in SmartTag reader for RM3,500

If the Proton X50 flagship model isn’t fully-spec-ed up to your liking, turns out there are official options that allows you to add a power tailgate to this compact SUV. This would provide greater convenience for those that need to use their boot often. According to Paul Tan, Proton is offering two accessory packages that are priced from RM3,300.

The above information came from a purported internal memo and Paul Tan has confirmed that it is officially offered by Proton as an option. The first package which costs RM3,500 comes with a power tailgate, a built-in SmartTag card reader, coil mats and a magnetic sun shade. The second package which costs RM3,300, also offers a power tailgate but you’ll get PVC mats, a boot tray and door scuff plates.

The same report also iterates that these add-ons are completely optional and they are not compulsory to all X50 buyers. It also added that the fitment of the power tailgate will be carried out by the Proton dealer.

Proton X70 2020

So far there are no further details of the X50’s power tailgate and it isn’t clear if it offers the exact same hands-free convenience as the locally-assembled Proton X70 2020. The updated X70’s power tailgate can be opened or closed via kick sensor, remote or by pressing the button on tailgate itself. However, the kick sensor feature is only available on the Premium and Premium X models.

In case you missed it, the Proton X50 was officially launched today with a starting price of RM79,200 for the standard model. The highest Flagship variant is priced at RM103,300. You can find out the differences between the four X50 variants here.

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