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Latest fuel price: Petrol down 4 sen, Diesel unchanged for the coming week

Malaysians can pay slightly less for petrol in the coming week as petrol prices are down by 4 sen per litre. However, there’s no change in pricing for diesel.

Below are the fuel prices for the period between 24th to 30th October 2020:

RON95 – RM1.64/litre (-4 sen)
RON97 – RM1.94/litre (-4 sen)
Diesel – RM1.74/litre (+0 sen)
Diesel (Euro 5) – RM1.84/litre (+0 sen)

The price of fuel in Malaysia is calculated based on the Automatic Pricing Mechanism (APM). According to the Ministry of Finance, the adjustments in fuel prices reflect the changes in the pricing of refined oil products in line with the current global crude oil prices.

The CMCO for the Klang Valley is still in effect until the 27th October 2020. During this period, inter-district travel is not permitted unless it is to commute to work and there’s an authorisation letter. For trips to buy essential items, only a maximum of 2 people are allowed per vehicle while eHailing and taxi drivers can only carry up to a maximum of 3 passengers. However, for those running a family business and require to carry more passengers, you are allowed to do so after obtaining permission from the police.


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