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Oppo might be working on a 4K Smart TV with a 120Hz refresh rate

When it comes to smartphone displays, 120hz has been the gold standard in recent times (other than gamer-centric 144Hz devices). But this high refresh rate technology isn’t something that is new, with PC gamers swearing by 144Hz (and higher) refresh rate screens for awhile now. And now, Oppo is working on a Smart TV—with a 120Hz refresh rate.

The company shared a teaser video on Weibo in collaboration with video-makers 8KRAW, titled (translated): Oppo Smart TV restores Chinese colours. Oppo also says that the teaser video was shot at 4K at a 120 fps—although the video on Weibo only supports 720p playback.

The TV is only spotted towards the end of the video, and you can tell that there are really slim bezels, along with a simple base at the bottom that props the TV up. Interestingly, it also appears that Oppo will go with ta pop-up selfie camera—which appears to be a popular choice on TVs from certain Chinese companies. Video calls, of course, are growing in importance, but the mechanism also doubles up as a privacy feature that hides your webcam when you aren’t using it.

The video, while shot in 120 fps, appears to be a demonstration of the colour reproduction of the Oppo Smart TV. Various landscapes are depicted in the 3-minute long, with time-lapse footage taken across different times of the day.

Meanwhile, more leaked information claims that there will be two sizes available, with audio on the Smart TV tuned by a “top Danish audio brand”—possibly Bang & Olufsen, who have collaborated with Oppo in the past. A smaller 55″ model could be available, while the range-topping 65″ might be a very pricey option.

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Sparrow News reports that Oppo’s first Smart TV will be announced sometime in October 2020, although Oppo hasn’t confirmed if this will be the 4K 120Hz model. However, this certainly piques the interest—would you pay a “very high” (as suggested by the leak above) price for a 4K 120Hz 65″ Smart TV?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.