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Goodday Milk and Waze are partnering up to help Malaysians avoid crowded supermarkets

Goodday Milk is a brand that has been around in Malaysia for ages, and the company has now partnered up with popular navigation app, Waze to offer a “safer shopping experience” for Malaysians. Suggestions for hypermarkets and supermarkets that have less foot traffic will be made based on historical navigation data from Waze. This, according to Goodday, should help Malaysians adhere to social distancing rules, as efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 continue. So, how does it work?

From August 2020 onwards, drivers who search for specific keywords such as “groceries” or “supermarket” will be given suggestions on outlets that aren’t as crowded as the others. Additionally, Waze will also prompt drivers who are passing by these locations with suggestions marked with a Goodday Milk logo pin.

It’s worth noting that supermarkets marked with the Goodday Milk logo are also tagged as an “ad”, and the official statement from Goodday does not confirm if suggested outlets are required to have the dairy company’s products in stock. Legal info regarding the Goodday Milk partnership on the app states that Waze’s historical data is used to make recommendations, although the information may not “always be secure, error-free, or timely”.

Regardless, it’s an interesting idea—usually, Waze helps drivers determine the quickest route in road traffic, without accounting for the foot traffic that may affect a shopper’s experience. And with social distancing measures still firmly in place, finding supermarkets/hypermarkets that aren’t overly crowded is more important than ever.

According to Kelvin Sim, Country Manager of Waze Malaysia:

“Waze is able to surface unique and valuable insights to consumers and brands. We are proud to partner with Goodday Milk to help give drivers a more pleasant shopping experience and the smoothest drive possible as they go about their daily journeys.”

The feature is already available on the Waze app—if you don’t spot a Goodday Milk icon when searching for relevant keywords, be sure to keep your Waze app updated on your Android or iOS device. To find out more, head over to Goodday Milk Malaysia’s Facebook page here.