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Royal Selangor has a phone dock that amplifies the sound of your smartphone

Malaysian pewter manufacturer Royal Selangor is best known for crafting exquisite collections of pewter objects ranging from decorative figures, homeware and personal accessories. Now, Royal Selangor has crafted a unique desk accessory that complements your smartphone.

The Phonos Pod Amplifier is more than a pretty thing to lay on your desk as it actually functions as an acoustic accessory that amplifies sounds from your smartphone. It resembles a small metal egg that is cut in half. At the centre of the “shell” sits a wooden dock that you can place your smartphone within.

Around the sides, the Phonos’ exterior is adorned with a fine mesh pattern that varies depending on the size you choose. But across the different sizes, the pattern surrounding the Phonos resembles a radio grille or a speaker mesh.

On the Phonos’ base, there is a hole that allows you to run your smartphone’s charging cable through so you can charge your device while it plays music or a phone call in speakerphone mode.

Royal Selangor’s site lists three variants: small, medium and large, to choose from. The smallest variant comes in three colours: graphite, amethyst and turquoise.

There is also a medium-sized variant takes on a Brutalist style combining pewter and copper. Finally, there is a large variant that features a sunburst motif in pewter, complimented by a bronze accent finish.

However, Royal Selangor did not clearly state which smartphones the dock is compatible with, but it said it should fit most smartphones and charging cables depending on the smartphone case in use. 

It should also be noted that you can only use your smartphone in vertical mode. Judging from the shape of the dock, watching videos in landscape mode does not seem possible, which is a bummer if you like watching lots of YouTube or Netflix.

On the bright side, being forced to use it in vertical mode does me you can better watch your TikTok or IGTV feed while enjoying amplified sounds.

The price for the docks are as follows:

Phonos Pod Amplifier (Turqoise, Amethyst, Graphite)

6cm x 12.5cm x 7cm (Small) – RM350

Phonos Pod Amplifier Copper

7cm x 15.5cm and 8cm (Medium) – RM450

Phonos Pod Amplifier Bronze

9cm x 14cm x 10cm (Large) – RM550

For more information visit the Royal Selangor website or find out more about Phonos at its product page.

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