Bantuan Prihatin Elektrik: Are you eligible for a discount from TNB on your electricity bill?

A message from TNB:

For your info, you will receive a notice regarding the Bantuan Prihatin Elektrik in July 2020 after the meter has been read.

Over the next seven days, you will receive a July 2020 bill along with the statement*. The bill and statement will be mailed to your premises.

You can also obtain the bill and statement through the myTNB app or portal, 48 hours after the notice is received.

*Only applicable if you have received your actual bill in June 2020

What is BPE?

BPE, short for Bantuan Prihatin Elektrik, is essentially a financial assistance package from the Malaysian government and TNB, with Malaysian residents entitled to free electricity for the first 300kWh of monthly usage (RM77 per month) over three months of MCO. Meanwhile, electricity usage of 601–900kWh per month will also be charged with a 10 percent discount from April 2020–December 2020—this adds onto the pre-existing 2 percent discount that has already been implemented. 

Do note that BPE is a separate assistance package from the PRIHATIN discount that was earlier provided from April 2020–December 2020, with TNB explaining that this is to ease the burden of its customers. 

Am I eligible for BPE?

All 7.66 million domestic customers in Peninsular Malaysia are eligible for the BPE package, with 4 million (52.2 percent) customers who have monthly bills of less than RM77 (first 300kWh) to enjoy free electricity bills during April, May, and June 2020. This totals up to savings of RM231 over the three-month period, on top of existing aid via the Economic Stimulus Package. 

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The changes will be reflected in your July 2020 TNB bill, and any excess paid over April, May, and June 2020 will be refunded via credit in your TNB bill. Additionally, vacant residential premise owners who have been charged the minimum monthly charge of RM3 will be eligible for BPE.

To better understand how BPE is calculated, here’s a quick breakdown: 


• The one-off financial assistance is provided on top of existing Economic Stimulus Package and will be reflected in the July 2020 bill

• If customers have made payment for April, May and June, the excess amount paid in those three months will be credited into the July 2020 bill

* For electricity consumption between 601-900kWh per month, an additional 8% discount will be given from April until December 2020

To find out more about BPE, you can read TNB’s FAQ section here. Meanwhile, stay updated with the latest news from TNB on their official Facebook page here.

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