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Microsoft OneDrive update introduces dark mode and ups file size limit to 100GB

Good news OneDrive users! Microsoft has brought several new improvements to its online file sharing service, OneDrive.  

In a blog post, Microsoft announced that it has increased the upload file size limit from 15GB to 100GB for all OneDrive and SharePoint users. This will be especially useful for business users that work with large file types like 3D, CAD and video files.

Dark Mode is also finally coming to the OneDrive on the web after it was introduced on OneDrive’s iOS and Android apps. Aside from looking cool, Dark Mode should help reduce eye strain and even improve your device’s battery life. 

Even so, Microsoft did not commit to a concrete timeline as to when they will be rolling the feature out. It did, however, promise that Dark Mode will be coming soon for both consumer and business users.

OneDrive for Business users will enjoy better Microsoft Teams sharing integration. With the update, users will be able to share a file within Teams easily. They would also be presented with an option to create a shared link that allows specific files and documents to be shared strictly within the company or to anyone.

Microsoft also added support for address bar file sharing that is useful when you are accessing or working on a file in a browser. With the new update you will be able to copy a link from OneDrive in a browser and share it with internal colleagues. This works as long as your admin enables the feature.

The tech giant is also finally be adding a key feature of OneDrive file sharing, the “Add to OneDrive” button. Business users will now be able to preview the button later in the month and be able to easily add shared folders directly into their OneDrive. This would include content shared from OneDrive or shared libraries from Microsoft Teams or SharePoint. The feature will also allow an individual to work with the shared content with the same capabilities as if it was their own file.

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Microsoft also said it will be introducing family and group sharing to OneDrive in late July. The new consumer feature will let users predefine a group of people and let them easily share files, photos, video and albums within the group. This will prove to be a great way to help families stay connected.

Once the feature is made available, users will be able to select the file or folder they want to share in OneDrive, click on Share and then select the group they wish to share it to. The only catch is that every member of the group needs to have a Microsoft account. Each member also needs to accept your invitation to access content within it.


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