What if you could have all your entertainment and broadband needs settled from RM99 per month?

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The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, with remote working and learning arrangements becoming the “new normal” for many in Malaysia. But working from home also has its challenges—not to mention the  increased entertainment needs during the downtime. The importance of a high-speed internet connection, along with a subscription to entertainment solutions is now more apparent than ever. 

If you’re in the market for an all-in-one bundle solution—and one that is priced from an affordable RM99 per month—Astro’s offers might just hit the sweet spot for you. The bundled offers combine the entertainment offerings of Astro with the fast broadband speeds on offer from Maxis, all within one single bill. 

The bundles are customisable to your needs and preferences, with pricing starting at RM99 per month. So what are your options? Let’s break it down. 

High-speed internet broadband of up to 800Mbps

As part of the Astro & Broadband offer, users can sign up for a bundle that offers both internet broadband connectivity (via Maxis) with various content packages from Astro. There are multiple packages available, which start at RM99/month for a 30Mbps broadband connection and Astro’s Family Pack for entertainment.  

Meanwhile, for the power user, you can also opt for an 800Mbps broadband connection, along with Astro’s Value Pack.This is available at a reduced price of RM359 for new customers and RM349 for existing customers, with the original price being RM379. The way it works, you can choose to customise your bundled deal according to your needs—whether you’re a heavy broadband user, or you have a broad range of taste for TV programmes. 

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Astro says that for existing Astro subscribers, the bundled packages offer some substantial savings—up to RM840; even new customers stand to save up to RM600 with the packages.  

More than just internet and TV

Astro’s bundles go beyond simply basic internet connectivity and live TV, of course. A prime example of this is the Astro GO mobile app that works on up to four devices simultaneously. The beauty of the app is in its ease-of-use: as long as there is an internet connection, you’ll be able to login to Astro GO and have access to various live programmes and on-demand content. This includes up to 50,000 videos that you can access directly from your mobile device or via your connected box at home. 

Meanwhile, for subscribers of 500Mbps and 800Mbps packages, Astro also includes a free Mesh WiFi solution: AirTies Air 4830 Mesh WiFi. Mesh WiFi uses various nodes (one primary node + multiple satellite nodes) to provide complete, stable WiFi connectivity in a building; this means that those in houses or home offices with multiple floors/rooms could benefit the most. 

Besides, having unlimited broadband data at home is incredibly important nowadays. Video calls, live streams, and the general amount of work being done at home means that internet connectivity is now more important than ever. 

4K content and a revamped interface with the Astro Ultra Box

The Astro Ultra Box, launched in November 2019, is a modern, revamped TV-viewing experience for Malaysians. You’ll need a broadband speed of at least 10Mbps to run all of its features, which include on-demand content and a revamped home screen.  

The biggest upgrade with the Ultra Box is, of course, the availability of 4K UHD content. Watch movies, documentaries, and even live Premier League football matches in the best possible resolution available here, and make the most of your TV experience. Something else that comes in handy is cloud recording, which means that you can record something on your Ultra Box, and watch it later on any of your registered Astro GO devices (and the Ultra Box itself).  

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The Astro Ultra Box is included for free in the bundle with 30Mbps broadband + the Starter Pack, Value Pack, Super Pack, and Super Pack Plus. Additionally, the Ultra Box is also available for IPTV customers—IPTV basically uses high speed fibre optic cables for the TV signal, which means that users have a seamless viewing experience even during bad weather. 

Overall, Astro says that this offers additional savings of up to RM600 for existing customers. For any bundle packs, you will also get a one-month broadband fee waiver. 

Tailor your bundled package for the ideal all-in-one solution

One of the key takeaways for Astro’s bundle deals is the convenience of having all of your broadband/entertainment needs taken care of in a single bill. Once you couple that with some significant savings, as well as added bonuses such as Mesh WiFi and the Astro Ultra Box, the offerings are certainly tantalising. 

So whether you’re looking for a high-speed broadband connection, a simple convenient all-in-one entertainment package, or simply the best of everything—there’s something here for all Malaysians.  

To find out more about the Astro & Broadband offers, click here to view a full list of options. To subscribe to Astro, click here