Stay connected with Celcom Home Wireless this Raya season and enjoy 50% off your first month’s bill

This post is brought to you by Celcom.

This year’s Raya will not be the same as last year’s. Nor the year before that. Or the one before that. The world is in the midst of a global health crisis and that makes it very difficult for people to reunite with their families this festive season. But, Celcom is here to try and make it a little bit easier for you to stay connected with your loved ones even if you’re miles apart, and they plan to do that with Celcom Home Wireless.

While the advent of the internet has made it possible for people all over to communicate with each other, sometimes it can be a hassle to set up. Celcom Home Wireless wants to take the complicated process and leave it out of the equation, focusing on what’s important, which is making sure you get connected.

And, the best part is that the Celcom Home Wireless plan has packages that start from as low as RM70/month! And, as a cherry on top, customers who sign up before the 30th of June 2020 can enjoy 50% off their first month’s bill.

If you sign up for Celcom Home Wireless, you’ll get instant home internet access with up to 150GB of internet quota as well as 1,000GB of internet for video and music streaming through Video Walla and Music Walla. You’ll be able to enjoy this extra quota in all the popular content streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Dimsum, Viu, Astro Go and even iFlix among others.

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That means not only will you be able to stay connected with your loved ones, but you can also binge all the video and music content you’d want together! Throwing a Netflix Party? No problems!

Installation is as simple as plug and play, with no requirement for any kind of wall hacking or complicated construction work that is often associated with setting up home internet. On top of that, Celcom Home Wireless also comes with a free router that can connect up to 64 devices concurrently so it works for families of all sizes.

Times are hard right now, especially when you consider the fact that the festive season has always been about coming together with your loved ones. Being forced to do the responsible thing by socially distancing from your loved ones can take a toll one one’s psyche.

However, know that with the advancements of technology, it’s easier than ever to remain connected with your loved ones. Don’t let this period of Conditional MCO stop you from celebrating Raya with the people in your life, stay connected with Celcom Home Wireless. Don’t forget to #staysafe and that your #rayatetapbersama.

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