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Mulah Rewards launches QR-based system to help eateries register dine-in customers

A few days ago, the Malaysian government announced that restaurants and eateries in Malaysia can now re-open for dine-in customers, conditional upon adhering to safety protocols. Among other requirements, social distancing measures are still in place, while personal details of all customers (including temperature readings) must be recorded.

As restaurants begin to feel their way back into a situation bearing some semblance of normalcy, Mulah Rewards has just launched a new system to better help operators to record the details of dine-in customers.

How does it work?

The COVID-19 Customer Walk-In Registry System was launched by the CRM (customer relationship management) company last Friday, with almost 100 brands already signing up within the first 24 hours. Clients now include Go Noodle House, Tai Thong Group, and other notable names in the F&B scene.

The system isn’t an app, unlike many solutions that have recently been announced in light of the current global pandemic. Instead, Mulah Rewards’ system is a web-based registry, which doesn’t require any installations—for operators and customers alike.

The way it works, restaurants need only to print a QR code on a piece of paper to be displayed at the front of the premises. Customers who wish to dine-in at the eateries can check in by simply scanning the QR code, and entering in the necessary personal details.

To speed things up, customers will only need to enter in their complete information once (at each establishment). When returning to an eatery, only their contact details and temperature readings are required—other details such as their names and NRIC numbers don’t need to be re-entered.

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According to Mulah’s operations manager Samuel U, the system is a way for the company to help brick-and-mortar businesses acclimatise to the new conditions:

“We have been in the brick-and-mortar niche for the past couple of years, and just want to serve and give back to the industry that has helped make our company a success so far – about 70 per cent of our clientele are from F&B!”

How to sign up, and how much does this cost?

The service is “free for life” according to Samuel. To sign up, operators can fill in their details on this form; an operator’s QR code should be ready within 1–2 business days. According to Samuel:

“We believe that the more we give back to this community, the more we will be rewarded in the long run – so long as the restaurant and retail industry grows, we will grow along, together.”

Operators should note, however, that the personal data shared across the system by customers should not be used for marketing purposes, unless consent has been given. A consent checkbox for the use of personal data will be implemented soon, according to Samuel.

To find out more about the COVID-19 Customer Walk-In Registry system, click here. For more details on Mulah Rewards, click here.


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