The Honor MagicBook boasts incredible all-day battery life at an affordable price point

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The days of paying exorbitant amounts for a laptop with enough performance and portability are over, thanks to the Honor MagicBook. The company who built their reputation on offering incredible smartphones at awesome price points is now taking their expertise and deep insights of internet users into the global PC industry. And their latest laptop is a banger of a machine, checking almost all the boxes you’d want in a powerful, portable and elegant laptop for the modern connected world.

When Honor launched the MagicBook series, their goal was to give users a solid balance between performance and battery life, work and play. As a result, they’ve equipped this slender laptop with a Ryzen 5 3500U mobile processor with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics. On top of that, the MagicBook features 8GB of DDR4 dual-channel RAM and a very generous 512GB of PCIe SSD storage.

Not only does this mean that you’ll have enough power to get through the work day, but the laptop also comes alive when you want to unwind in your competitive eSports tile of choice. The Honor MagicBook is capable of running most eSports titles with no issues so you’re set whether you want to Shy Combo people in League of Legends or one tap heads in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

But, a laptop’s performance will only be at its peak if it gets sufficient cooling. With that in mind, Honor’s built a special cooling system that features an innovative and efficient S-shaped fan blade design. With this new design, the MagicBook is able to increase effective flow by 49% while reducing noise and increasing heat dissipation by up to 38% compared to previous designs. What this means is that you should be able to experience comfortable temperatures in all environments, even during long gaming sessions.

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To ensure that the Honor MagicBook will be able to keep up even with the busiest of schedules, the company has equipped the laptop with a 57.4Wh high-energy-density battery that can give you up to 10 hours of uninterrupted use. On top of that, users can also enjoy up to 9.5 hours of local 1080p video playback and 9.4 hours of web browsing, which is mighty impressive.

That said, a long battery life is only part of the story. Honor has also built the laptop with an impressive 65W fast-charging solution. With the included charger, you will be able to charge 40% of your MagicBook’s battery in just 30 minutes. What’s more, the Honor MagicBook charges via USB-C so you don’t have to worry about proprietary charging ports and enjoy the versatility of a proper USB-C port.

While power and battery life are good traits in a laptop, all that would be for naught if the MagicBook wasn’t also a portable device. After all, nobody wants to lug around a back-breaking “laptop” all day. Thankfully, the Honor MagicBook doesn’t have this issue. It weighs just 1.45kg and is only 15.8mm thick, making it a highly portable and slim device that you can easily slip into your backpack. Despite being so compact, you still get a nice 14” Full HD IPS display, with really slim bezels that makes watching movies and other content very immersive.

There’s no denying that Honor has built quite the all-rounder machine here with the MagicBook. But they didn’t just stop there, they’ve also included a bunch of nifty features to help MagicBook users get their tasks done better. For starters, Honor’s built a fingerprint scanner into the power button of the Honor MagicBook so you can quickly power on and unlock your laptop without needing to faff about with PINs or passwords.

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Besides that, Honor also equipped each MagicBook with a quick way for Honor smartphone users to connect their phones with their MagicBook quickly and conveniently. This feature is called the Honor Magic-Link 2.0 will enable Honor smartphone users to share their smartphone screen, files, photos and videos directly to their laptop with a single tap.

These users will be able to drag, drop and edit their files using the same keyboard and mouse, plus it will also let users pick up immediately where they left off without having to jump between devices.

There you have it, the Honor MagicBook. It’s an impressive laptop that balances power, battery efficiency, convenience and portability better than many other solutions out there—and it does so without breaking the bank. No, seriously! The Honor MagicBook is priced at just RM2,299!

As a result, the laptop was sold out in just two minutes on Hihonor and Shopee and in 15 minutes on Senheng and SenQ. But, for those who missed out on the first wave, the Honor MagicBook is still available to purchase with a new set of free gifts. Purchases made from SenHeng and SenQ will receive an Honor Band 5 Sport, Bluetooth wireless mouse and Honor laptop backpack. On the other hand, customers will receive an Honor Band 5i, Bluetooth wireless mouse and Honor laptop backpack if they purchase the MagicBook on Shopee beginning the 9th of April or on Hihonor beginning the 15th of April.