YouTuber warned for trying to distribute RM10,000 outside Istana Negara

With the current political uncertainty, there are dozens if not hundreds of journalists and camera crew on standby at Istana Negara. Many brands including palace officials have shown their support by offering free meals and goodies to the hard-working media personnel.

However, local YouTuber Isa Isarb had decided to do things differently by distributing RM10,000 in RM1 notes. Isa Isarb is known for staging pranks and sharing them on social media.

According to Malay Mail’s report, the YouTuber was reprimanded by the authorities for attempting to distribute cash to crowds gathered outside Istana Negara. Apparently, Isa was able to distribute up to RM600-RM700 before his crew was stopped by several police officers which told him to leave the area.

When they drove away, they realised that they’ve been followed. After pulling over, the crew had a chat with two individuals which appeared to be with the authorities and was warned not to repeat their stunt again. Isa was told that it’s ok if he is distributing gifts in kind but not to distribute money. Towards the end of the video, Isa told his viewers not to follow his antics and to say no to corruption.

At the moment, the video has over 90,000 views on YouTube and over 320,000 views on Facebook. There are users condemning him for being disrespectful and attention-seeking especially when it’s done right outside the palace grounds. There are others that urged him to donate the money to the less fortunate or distribute RM1 nasi lemak instead to the media.


Alexander Wong