Menara TM is now equipped with 5G network

After rolling out multiple 5G use cases in Langkawi and Subang Jaya, TM has successfully equipped its headquarters at Menara TM in Lembah Pantai with a 5G network. The announcement was made by TM Group CEO Dato Noor Kamarul Anuar Nuruddin and he added that it’s a testament to its commitment to progressively deploy its converged 5G core network towards accelerating the delivery of 5G services nationwide.

TM’s focus for 2020 is to become 5G-ready in order to adapt to the rise of mobile connectivity, IoT, cloud services and smart devices. Before the 5G spectrum is made available later this year, TM aims to prepare themselves through 5G live trials while continuously upgrade its core network.

TM Group along with TM One and TM R&D are currently running full-fledged 5G live trials in conjunction with the MCMC’s 5G Demonstration Projects in Subang Jaya, Selangor and Pulau Langkawi, Kedah. The group is actively testing new 5G features and exploring 5G technologies via 5G enabled smart solutions and use cases, as well as to assess the best way to deploy 5G infrastructure nationwide.

TM 5G Huawei Modem

TM is the first telco in the world to trial a 5G Standalone (SA) network on both 700MHz and C-Band (3.5GHz) simultaneously. TM considers 5G SA as the future of 5G network deployment and the current demonstrations are said to be crucial to fast track 5G implementation in Malaysia.

TM is also looking into interoperability which will enable network sharing among multiple telcos in the country. By sharing networks, operators can deploy 5G at a cost-effective and efficient manner while avoiding duplication. TM has recently announced collaborations with Digi and U Mobile for 5G network sharing trials in Langkawi.

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