What is Pulse and why is it a completely different approach to health insurance?

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Health insurance is boring.

Make no mistake, health insurance is important but it’s boring. It’s boring because virtually every health insurance company is the same – you sign up for a coverage plan and if you get sick, your health insurance pays for your medical bills.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Health insurance provides you with protection – that is, to protect you from the financial burden of getting the treatment you need when you fall ill – but protecting you from a large medical bill is negating the reason why we fall ill in the first place. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

We disregard our health

Perhaps not intentionally. Perhaps we want to keep healthy (and who doesn’t) but sometimes life gets in the way. Work, family matters, there are many factors that limit us from being able to place our health first.

It makes sense to have good health coverage, there’s no arguing that but it makes more sense to take care of ourselves so that treatment is the last thing you need.

What if there’s an app that can help us take care of our health better?

No, we’re not talking about your standard fitness app here. This is not your run-of-the-mill running tracker. This is so much more comprehensive. Consider a complete health-centric application that gives you access to doctors on call, one that can check your symptoms with the power of AI, one that can even warn you where dengue hotspots are and at the same time track your fitness levels as well.

We’re not talking about multiple apps, instead, one super health-centric app that can help you focus on taking care of yourselves.

Pulse by Prudential

Introducing Pulse by Prudential, a first of its kind in Asia, artificial intelligence-driven health care application that makes healthcare more personalised and accessible.

Pulse is an all-in-one application that provides an array of personal health management features. It’s powerful enough to enable you to conduct AI-assisted self-examination that can identify potential symptoms. It can also be used to keep track of your personal health information.

Additionally, the app contains a dengue alert feature powered by a technology-driven disease prevention organisation called AIME which utilises big data and AI to predict whether a certain locality will face a dengue epidemic within the next 30 days with an accuracy rate of 80%.

The feature also updates you with the latest dengue-related information direct from the Ministry of Health.

Your all-in-one health advisor

Pulse is an all-in-one application that provides an array of personal health management tools with the capabilities to provide preliminary health assessment. It comes complete with a healthcheck and enables online consultation with a certified doctor.

The online consultation service is powered by DoctorOnCall which allows you to video chat with certified doctors who can further assist in diagnosing any health problems you might have. Best of all, the online consultation is free for Prudential customers while other users will have to pay RM10.

Here’s a full rundown of all the features built right into Pulse:

Symptom Checker powered by Babylon
AI-powered chat service that helps you to understand your symptoms better and learn about potential causes, conditions and issues with easy-to-understand health information when you answer a series of questions.

Healthcheck powered by Babylon
A general wellbeing and informational service which aims to educate you about your body and how you can lead a healthy lifestyle. It consists of a health assessment questionnaire, which is intended to assess your overall health status in terms of lifestyle, mental health, current organ health and future disease risk, and a ‘Digital Twin’ which presents this information in an engaging and interactive way.

Online Consultation powered by DoctorOnCall
Consult a board-certified doctor via a video or audio call anywhere.

Dengue Alert powered by AIME
Stay alert and predict the next dengue outbreak based on your location up to three months in advance.

Fitness Tracker powered by Tictrac
Participate in fitness challenges that are updated monthly. Top performers will be rewarded!

Available 24/7 and free to download for everyone

Pulse is available 24/7 and is free to download for everyone. Download the app to access a whole suite of health and wellness services that takes care of you by focusing on keeping you healthy rather than nursing you back to health. Download Pulse from Apple App Store and Google Play Store now or visit www.wedopulse.com.