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This Instagram filter is perfect for Myvi drivers

I think the negative connotations surrounding Myvi drivers can be a little unfair, sometimes. Yes, you often see these little “kings of the road” racing around causing mayhem on Malaysian roads, but I’d argue that that’s also due to the sheer number of Myvis on the road to begin with—Perodua has sold a reported 1.1 million units of the popular hatchback overall.

In any case, a local designer has created a special Instagram filter to pay “tribute” to Myvi drivers everywhere: “Mywi”. It depicts you in a Myvi (the Icon generation, as opposed to the latest-gen Myvi), in an Initial D-styled setting—complete with the Deja Vu track from the series.

You can access the filter by heading over to Alhakimchai‘s Instagram page, and swipe right until you reach the filters tab, indicated by the icon that looks like a smiley face emoji. “Mywi” is the first filter on the page.

And that’s about it. It’s simple, but I’m pretty sure it will be relevant to many of you out there. Whether you’re an Initial D fan, a Myvi driver, or both, give it a go and share your responses in the Facebook comments below.