The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max will be available at Digi Stores this 27 September

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The iPhone 11 will come to stores in Malaysia officially this Friday, 27 September. While all the pre-order units offered by all the major telcos are sold out, you can still get the latest iPhone on its first day of sale in Malaysia from Digi. Better yet, Digi offers the best all-in plans for the iPhone 11 in the market with its Phone Freedom 365 plan.

Best all-in plans for the iPhone 11

Typically, when you look at a device contract plan, you’ll be looking for the one that offers the most data, calls and text messages plus the cost of the device, at the lowest price. And this is good but when you add the cost of the plan and the cost of the device together, the monthly fee starts to add up.

Let’s say you want to purchase the iPhone 11 Pro (64GB version) and you start comparing plans that telcos offer, and when you do, you’ll quickly see that not all telco offers everything.

Some may offer you more data than others, some may be cheaper monthly but may offer less data or may require you to pay extra for roaming data.

Digi, on the other hand, offers a complete package with among the best all-in rates you can get in the market.

You can get the iPhone 11 Pro (64GB) with the Digi Postpaid 120 plan for only RM294/month all-in, inclusive of 80GB of data and unlimited calls. You also get 5GB roaming data and IDD calls to 10 of the most popular roaming countries for FREE!

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And when you compare what other operators are offering, you’ll find that roaming is often an additional charge, some as high as RM38/month and the amount of data is usually often less but you’re actually paying more.

On some telcos, for the same device, you’ll be paying over RM300 for less data and less additional benefits.

So, what’s the best plan for you?

When it comes to choosing the best device contract plans, the trick is to find the sweet spot and to do that you need a table or in this case, three.

As you can see in the tables for the Digi Postpaid iPhone 11 plans below, there is a sweet spot depending on the iPhone you want and how much data you typically need.

Based on the usage pattern of the SoyaCincau team, 80GB per month is more than enough for one person to consume all the videos, social media feeds and instant messaging they need in a month with enough left over for regular tethering if you need it.

And based on that, here are some of the Digi Postpaid iPhone plans with Digi PhoneFreedom 365 for you.

The best all-in plans for the iPhone 11

If you’re looking to get the iPhone 11, the sweet spot would be the iPhone 11 256GB with Digi Postpaid 120. For RM253/month, all-in, you get 80GB of data plus 5GB data free for roaming.

On a 24-month contract, you only pay RM3,192 for the device which is over RM900 cheaper than the retail price of the iPhone 11 256GB (RM4,099).

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You can go for the cheaper RM234/month option and get the 128GB iPhone 11 instead and still get – that’s e more than enough – 80GB of data but wherever possible, we would always recommend you get the largest storage option available for your device (stay away from the 64GB version if possible as you’ll run out of storage super quick on that).

Plus, the difference between the 128GB version and the 256GB version on contract is less then RM20/month, the additional storage is well worth that little bit extra if you’re planning to keep your phone for the next two years (which a lot of a people do).

The best all-in plans for the iPhone 11 Pro

If you’re planning to get the iPhone 11 Pro with its triple-camera setup and the AMOLED display then the sweet spot, the best all-in plan would be iPhone 11 Pro 256GB with Digi Postpaid 120.

Again, here you get the 80GB data and 256GB of storage, which is plenty. If you really need to, you can go for the 512GB version but we’d recommend you stick to the 80GB Digi Postpaid 180 plan as we really doubt that most will use all of the 80GB data in a month.

The best all-in plans for the iPhone 11 Pro Max

Of course, the iPhone 11 Pro Max will be the most popular model in the iPhone line-up. It has the largest display at 6.5-inch and the all-new triple-camera setup with ultra-wide angle. We foresee a lot of people will be getting this version and if you’re planning to get one too our recommendations are the same. Stick to the 80GB plan and get the 256GB version. It’s the sweet spot.

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You’re paying RM350/month all-in and over the course of 24 months, you’ll be paying RM840 less than retail for the device (the iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB retails for RM5,999).

Get your iPhone 11 with Digi

If you’re planning to get the iPhone 11 in Malaysia on launch day, your best bet is with Digi. They offer the best all-in plans for the iPhone 11 and stocks are available at the Digi Store in Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) from 10am on Friday 27th September 2019. For more information Digi’s best all-in plans for the iPhone 11, go here.

One more thing…

Customers who subscribe to their iPhone 11 plans will also enjoy a one-year subscription to Apple TV+. In addition to that, both walk-in and pre-order customers who purchase the iPhone 11 on launch day are eligible to get an Apple Watch Series 4. 

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Digi Store to get the iPhone 11 with the best all-in plan from Digi with Digi PhoneFreedom 365.