It’s time to rethink telco plans

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The mobile telco market is saturated. By some estimates, there are over 18 million mobile users in Malaysia right now. That’s over 50% of the country’s population. However, when it comes to choosing a telco, we’re spoiled for choice.

At last count, there are at least five full-fledged telcos (Maxis, Celcom, Digi, U Mobile, Unifi Mobile) you can choose from and many smaller ones like Tune Talk and Yes 4G as well as MVNOs or sub-brands like Yoodo, Ookyo and XoX.

But even with so much choice, there’s very little in terms of innovation or variety. We’ve come to a point where everything is the same. Telcos offer you a lot of data at a price and you look for the best deal.

Usually, it’s telcos that tell you what you should have in a plan. X-amount of data, X-amount of calls, when you can use it and how you can use it. We, the customers, accept this because the industry is doing it…but should it be the norm? It’s time to rethink at what your telco is offering you and ask, is this the best that you can get?

There’s a glut of mobile data in the market but what is it worth to you?

Truth be told, data is cheap. It costs very little for operators to serve you mobile data, the real cost is in running a mobile business, the marketing, the advertising, the manpower but this cost is not a direct relation to how much you’re paying for mobile data currently.

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Granted, the cost of mobile data has gone down tremendously but the worth of a mobile plan should not be based on how much data, calls and text messages you get.

Surely there’s more to a mobile plan than just that, right?

Who’s to say a mobile operator can’t offer more than just data, calls and texts?

Technically no one. A telco should offer you more than just data, calls and texts, and most importantly there should be flexibility.

Close to 80% of the over 18 million mobile users in Malaysia are on pre-paid. That goes to show that a majority of mobile users prefer flexibility and options. The flexibility to switch operators or to customise their data, calls and texts based on the amount that they actually use. But beyond this, users are looking for a plan that rewards them for staying on.

Affordable, customisable, flexible

One such plan is Celcom Xpax’s all-new XP Lite. It’s a plan that offers more than just data, calls and texts but also flexibility and rewards.

It’s perfect for those who want more than a mobile plan.

Celcom Xpax XP Lite is the most affordable plan in the Celcom Xpax line up starting from just RM28 per month inclusive of 1GB of data and unlimited calls to all networks.

You can further customise the plan with two easy to understand upsize options, L and M. The M pass offers an additional 7GB of internet (4GB data + 3GB Video Walla data) on top of the 1GB included in the starter pack for only RM10, while the L Pass gives an additional 14GB of internet 11GB data + 3GB Video Walla) for RM30 on top of the included 1GB.

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If you need more data, you have the option to purchase an Ultra Hour Pass via the Celcom Life app. You can purchase the pass anytime you need it and it gives you unlimited internet for anything want to do online.

Contract free and get rewarded for staying on

The Celcom Xpax XP Lite plan gives you the flexibility without a contract or commitment and it rewards you the longer you stay on. For users who stay on for longer than six months, Celcom Xpax gives 1 hour of unlimited internet every day for L Pass users while M Pass users get 1GB of Free Video Walla for a month.

Not only that, L Pass subscribers get an additional reward in the form of a FREE Oppo A1K smartphone (while stocks last). And because flexibility is the main theme of XP Lite you have the option to choose other phones as well. The Nubia Red Magic 3, Vivo Y17, Vivo Y19C, and Oppo A5s are all available to you at a special price starting from RM99.

It’s time to consider a telco that offers you what you need and what you want

When it comes to choosing a mobile telco, data, calls and texts are not the be-all and end-all. Look for a plan that offers you more. A plan like the Celcom Xpax XP Lite which offers you unparalleled flexibility and freedom at an amazing price on the back of the best 4G LTE network in the country.

Get started on the Celcom Xpax XP Lite to with just RM28/month today.

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