5 reasons power users should buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

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It’s not easy to appease the power user–after all, they are called power users for a reason: They demand the best and absolutely won’t settle for less. And Samsung knows that. That’s why, every single year, the company launches a smartphone that’s designed with the power user in mind. This year, it’s called the Galaxy Note 10 and it’s the best one yet.

Here are five reasons this smartphone should be in every power user’s pocket.

1. Battery

As a power user, the last thing you need is to have your smartphone battery run out on you before the end of the day. Nobody should be forced to carry around a power bank just to make sure their phones last all day, and Samsung understands that.

That’s why, in the brand new Galaxy Note 10+, they’ve equipped the handset with a massive 4,300 mAh battery. Paired with an efficient 7nm processor, the Galaxy Note 10+ should give you excellent battery performance no matter the task.

2. Wireless PowerShare

Although you have a great big battery for yourself, what would make things even better is sharing this big battery with other devices. Thanks to the Galaxy Note 10’s Wireless PowerShare feature, you’re actually able to wirelessly charge other Qi-enabled devices directly with your Note.

Simply turn the feature on, turn your phone around and place the device you need to charge on the back of your Galaxy Note 10. This also work with non-smartphone devices (as long as they support the Qi Wireless standard) like your Galaxy Buds or even a Galaxy Watch Active 2.

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3. Speed

Battery life would be pointless if your phone wasn’t able to keep up with your demands. With the Note 10 duo, you won’t have to worry about performance because they come equipped with the best the market has to offer. At their hearts, the devices are powered by a 7nm Samsung Exynos 9825 processor that can be mated to up to 12GB of RAM on the Note 10+.

This is more than enough to whizz you through even the most demanding of tasks, with more power to spare even if you plan on doing some gaming. It is the epitome of a smooth mobile performance, so you can focus on what you’re doing without worrying about a laggy device.

4. Storage

Take a lot of photos or videos? Need tonnes of storage on your smartphone? Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 has base storage configurations that start at 256GB. Yes, 256GB UFS 3.0 as standard on a smartphone–absolutely bonkers. If you need more space, the Galaxy Note 10+ can be configured to feature up to 512GB of internal storage too! What’s more, if that isn’t enough, you can expand it even further on the Galaxy Note 10+ thanks to the microSD card slot.

5. Super Fast Charging

Tired of other phones taking hours to fully charge? Well, so is Samsung, that’s why the company’s new Galaxy Note 10+ supports super-fast wired charging of up to 45W via the device’s USB-C port. With this fast-charging technology, you can actually get an entire day’s power in just 30 minutes, which is bonkers.

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But that’s not all

Yes, those are five big reasons why the Galaxy Note 10 is perfect for the power user but there’s actually so much more to the handset than that. Let’s not forget that one of the key features on the Galaxy Note 10 is its S Pen, which is also new and improved with a 6-axis sensor plus motion support.

Then, you’ve got that crazy gorgeous near-bezelless Infinity-O display that comes in either 6.3” or 6.8” sizes with over 94% screen to body ratio. The Note 10 and 10+ really are incredible smartphones that you can pre-order starting today from Samsung Malaysia’s website. Don’t waste your time settling for other devices, get ahead of the game today.

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