This is probably the world’s smallest laptop, and it comes with a 64p OLED display

In an age when gadgets are becoming smaller and smaller to cater for a generation that’s perpetually on the move, one man has trumped them all—and the best part of it is that he’s constructed the world’s smallest ThinkPad computer from (practically) scratch.

Paul Klinger, a DIY enthusiast, recently shared on Reddit that he had created what could possibly be the world’s smallest ThinkPad, and laptop in general. Made using an Arduino micro-controller, 128x64p display, and 300mAh battery, the miniature device can support a few arcade games such as Snake and Tetris, and even comes with a little TrackPoint to move your cursor around.

Aptly-named as the “ThinkTiny”, the laptop(?) has a 14-pin ATtiny1614 microcontroller (20 MHz) that’s connected to a tiny 128×64 pixel OLED display. There also appears to be a genuinely amazing classic 7-row keyboard, although I’m not exactly sure how this would be utilised, given the minute size.

If you’re thinking of taking a stab at it yourself, you’ll need a 3D printer, along with the necessary components. Klinger’s ThinkTiny was created using his Prusa Mk3 3D printer, and you can get the schematics here.

Since we’re on the topic of microscopic PC equipment, we’ve also stumbled across a video with what’s purportedly the “smallest gaming setup in the world”: