Why handing down phones to your family members may not be a good idea

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You may not realise it, but smartphones have a shelf life and it’s usually around three years or even less. Even if that old phone of yours seems to be working fine, handing it down to your younger sibling, your kid or even your grandma may not be a good idea. Here’s why.

Second-hand phones are a ticking time bomb when it comes to security risks 

While handing down your old phone to your kid may save you money in the short term, old phones actually pose a very real security risk.

To ensure that smartphones remain safe from viruses and malware, Android and Apple send out regular system/software updates. These updates bring the latest in security patches that cover up any security holes that may exist in the previous version of the OS.

For new phones, these updates come almost every month but for older phones, things get a little complicated. For a brand to develop updates for every smartphone that exists in its model line-up takes a lot of time and money. That’s why brands tend to stop providing updates for older phones.

In a time where all your data and information are stored in the cloud/internet, do you want to risk exposing your family’s data, privacy and banking details to hackers?

Let’s face it…

Let’s face it everybody needs a smartphone today, including your kids and your grandma, and people are doing more with their phones. Even if there are no security threats, to access high powered apps etc requires a lot of memory/RAM which older models tend to have limited space. So, face the music, handing down your three-year-old phone is not going to cut it.

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But on the other hand, better phones come at a cost and with the household average size in Malaysia being just a little over four people, the cost of equipping everyone in your household with a phone can get very expensive.

Or does it have to be?

Here’s a better idea

Why not take a family plan that offers all the data you and your family will ever need? On top of that, you get a selection of the latest smartphones for you and your family without any upfront payments and without breaking the bank.

MaxisONE Share is the only family device plan that offers a range of the latest devices not just for the principal line but for up to four supplementary lines as well.

Here’s how much you stand to save with MaxisONE Share.

With MaxisONE Share, you enjoy zero upfront paymentlowest cost of device ownership in the industry and great value with up to an additional 20GB per line for only RM48 per month

And with new phones, you have zero worries, assured in the notion that everyone’s data in their phone is secured with the latest OS updates. 

Choose from a range of the latest device for you and your family

Now it’s easier for everyone in the family to own the best smartphones. All you have to do is subscribe to any MaxisONE Plan and you can add up to four supplementary lines under that plan.

In addition, the supplementary lines enjoy the same freedom to choose from a range of the latest smartphones that Maxis has to offer at a great price with zero upfront payment.

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At time of writing, you have the option to choose from the latest smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and more.

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All the benefits you love from Maxis

In addition to a great selection of the best phones available right now, MaxisONE Share offers all the benefits you love: 

  • Additional 20GB data for each supplementary line 
  • Unlimited calls and text messages to all local networks, for all share lines 
  • Free roaming for all share lines in more than 10 countries (ASEAN, China, HK, Taiwan, Macau) 
  • Buy 1-free-1 Maxis deals and discounts for dining, shopping and more for all share lines 

At the end of the day 

No matter how you look at it, your family will need smartphones. It may seem logical to just pass on your phone to the younger ones in your family but at the end of the day, that might do more harm than good. 

With kids as young as 12 getting their own smartphones, it’s not just important to ensure they have enough data but making sure they have the best smartphone with the latest security updates and features are just as important. 

And while purchasing a phone outright for everyone in your family can cost a lot of money, it’s great to know that one telco is offering a solution that enables the whole family to get a full digital makeover without putting too much of a burden on your budget. 

If you’re considering consolidating all your family lines into one plan that offers a lot of data and the best selection of the latest phones for everyone in the family, Maxis is the only telco that has what you’re looking for.