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This artist is creating custom Indomie Air Jordans—selling at RM960

If you’re a fan of Nike’s retro Air Jordans and you enjoy the odd Indomie double at your local eatery, you’re in for an unlikely treat. Instagram user mr.s.custom recently posted a photo of custom Air Jordan 1 sneakers that feature a custom colour theme that draws its inspiration from the cult favourite instant noodle dish.

The photo, which has been going viral on social media, reveals that the shoe is painted in 3 different colours; red, green, and yellow (just like the Indomie packaging). The custom sneakers also feature the Indomie brand along the sole, right above a slogan, “Micin Generation” (memes referring to the MSG content in Indomie).

Who’s making them?

Mr. Simply Custom, or Jonathan “Jonas” Gustana as his real name goes, is an Indonesian graduate based in Singapore after graduating from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

Jonas, who customises sneakers as a personal hobby, explained that the original idea came from a photoshopped image posted by Instagram user @arifwhy;

“For the Indomie custom design, I was actually inspired by a Photoshop rendition posted by @arifwhy on Instagram a week ago. I merely brought his design to life,”

According to Jonas, the custom job was a way to pay homage to Indonesian instant noodle dish, while the response on social media prompted him to open up a limited order of 20 pairs.

“I just thought it would be cool to have an actual pair of Air Jordans with the Indomie design. I think it’s a cute way of expressing one’s loyalty to an Indonesian food brand that has also gained popularity in other countries,”

How to get your hands on a pair

The custom-designed sneakers will go for about RM960, with Jonas telling Jakarta Post that orders have been coming in from around the world;

“I’ve received orders from people around the globe who are familiar and obsessed with Indomie, including those living in the United States, Thailand and Singapore.”

The Indomie Air Jordans will also be displayed at the Indonesia Comic Con in October 2019, while orders can be made by DM-ing Jonas through his Instagram page.