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Deal: Get a pair Galaxy Buds when you trade-in your phone for a Galaxy S10

Phone out of memory and you can’t expand it, the battery doesn’t hold its charge as well as it used to and it’s so slow that just opening up Facebook is a chore — these are all signs that your phone is old and you should probably change it.

Lucky for you then Samsung is kicking off its #iChanged campaign by offering some great incentives when you trade in your old phone.

Free Galaxy Buds when you trade-in

You can trade in your old phone for a predetermined value and use that value to purchase a Galaxy S10. You also get a pair of Galaxy Buds worth RM 499 for free.

Free Galaxy Fit-E when you buy the Galaxy S10

Even if you’re not looking to trade-in your phone, now is still a good time to get a Galaxy S10 because Samsung is giving the Galaxy Fit-E fitness band for free.

Move data from your old phone to the Galaxy S10 easily with Smart Switch

Moving pictures, files and everything else from your old phone to your new one can be a hassle but with the Galaxy S10 its easy thanks to the Smart Switch app exclusive for Samsung devices.

Smart Switch makes it easy to transfer photos, music, videos and contacts from an existing smartphone to a new Samsung. The software supports iOS devices, as well as other Android smartphones.

Here’s how you can transfer files to a Samsung device using iOS via iCloud wirelessly

And here’s how to transfer files to a Samsung device using iOS via iCloud using a cable

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Learn more about Samsung’s #iChanged campaign here.