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Malaysia Airlines say drones are allowed on board their flights

If you’re a drone pilot and you travel regularly and you like to take your drone with you when you travel abroad, like me, then you have probably asked this question to the ground staff just before you check-in your luggage — can I bring my drone on board?

And you’ll agree with me that the answers we drone pilots get are widely varied. Some say no, some say yes, some say drone ok but batteries need to be checked-in, some even say, no completely, meaning I’m not allowed to bring my drone with me whether its checked-in or not.

It’s all very confusing and frustrating, especially when you’re rushing to catch a flight and have a lot of luggage to check-in. That’s also why I tend to stick with airlines that have allowed me to take by drone on board, batteries and all.

I’m thankful then that Malaysian has come out to explain very clearly what its stance is on this “can I bring my drone on board?” situation. Doubly so because the airline has explained that drones and its accompanying batteries are allowed on board.

Yes you can! #MHDidYouKnow drones are indeed allowed onboard, provided:1. They are lithium battery powered and not…

Posted by Malaysia Airlines on Rabu, 29 Mei 2019

The airline clarified in a Facebook post that you are allowed to bring your drone on board following these conditions:

  1. The drone is lithium battery powered and not fuel operated.
  2. A maximum of only two drones per passenger (standard cabin baggage policy applies).
  3. Lithium battery drones comply with Malaysia Airlines’ lithium batteries limitations
  4. Lithium batteries are removed, packed individually and carried on board as cabin baggage.
  5. Your drone cannot be used onboard.
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The last point is very important unless its not already plainly obvious to you.

Why is having my drone on board is a big deal? Well, for one a drone is a very sensitive and I don’t want to risk getting it damaged or lost while going through the tough and tumble process of getting checked in.

So now you know.

Amin Ashaari