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Maxis makes Hari Raya more meaningful for the deaf

Maxis has just introduced an app that promotes inclusiveness with people with disabilities. Takbir is an important part of the Raya celebrations but unfortunately, people with hearing loss may feel left out when participating in the prayers. To enable the deaf to experience the Takbir, they have released an app that’s called Deria Takbir.

Utilising Apple’s accessibility features on the iPhone, the Deria Takbir app can convert real-time sound waves into cymatic visuals and haptic vibrations. The app allows the deaf to follow the Takbir as it engages the user’s sense of sight and touch through visuals and vibrations.

Maxis has worked closely with the Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD) to better understand the challenges of the deaf community and they have also consulted the Islamic Affairs Officer and Imam of Masjid Ara Damansara, Uztaz Mohammad Khairul Bin Mohd Lias. According to Mohamad, Sazali Shaari, the President of the Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD), the Deria Takbir app allows the deaf to experience the Takbir in a unique way and he believes that it will make a difference in the lives of the deaf community in Malaysia.

According to Maxis, they strive to turn occasions into a meaningful experience by unlocking the possibilities of technology and making it more accessible for everyone. The campaign had involved many parties and they are driven by the immense potential of people and the role Maxis can play to enable Malaysians and Malaysia.

You can download the Deria Takbir app starting today from the Apple AppStore. Do note that you’ll need to grant the app microphone access in order for it to detect surrounding Takbir Raya sound.

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In conjunction with the app, Maxis has also released a short film entitled “Deria Takbir Raya” which follows Faiz, a boy who is deaf in real life. For the first time, Faiz can experience the feeling of being present during Takbir with his father using the Deria Takbir app.

Alexander Wong