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AES cameras to be installed at 11 new locations along the North-South Expressway

To further improve road safety, the transport ministry plans to install Automatic Enforcement System (AES) cameras at 11 new locations along the North-South Expressway.

The 11 locations have been identified as they are accident prone areas. The project will be funded by PLUS Malaysia Berhad, The Star reported on Friday.

PLUS managing director Datuk Azman Ismail said that the new cameras will cost an estimated RM3mil to install, a cost which PLUS will absorb along with the cost of periodical maintenance and calibration of the cameras.

He added, based on studies conducted by PLUS, the AES cameras have been effective in curbing drivers from speeding.

“Our focus is to reduce the number of accidents,” he told reporters at the JPJ vehicle hand-over ceremony held on Friday. At the ceremony, PLUS handed over RM1.3 million worth of vehicles to the JPJ to assist in monitoring and enforcement activities.

The 800m long Menora Tunnel will be one of the 11 locations earmarked for the installation of the camera system because a high number of accidents occur there while the other 10 locations are still being finalised by the authorities with the help of PLUS.

On March 24, two trailer lorries caught fire following a collision, while five family members, including a baby, were burnt to death when a trailer rammed their car on Oct 6 last year.

Currently, there are 19 AES cameras in operation along the expressway.

[image source: Malay Mail]

Amin Ashaari