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Logitech G502 Lightspeed: My favourite mouse is now wireless

Let me just say that I’ve never wanted a wireless gaming mouse more than I do at this moment. The Logitech G502 is by far my favourite mouse that I’ve ever used and Logitech just launched the same mouse, but better — and wireless. Meet the G502 Lightspeed.

First up, sick name. Way better than the Proteus something-or-other that mine is called. But, as you may have guessed, this name isn’t just there to sound cool, it also indicates that the mouse uses the company’s proprietary Lightspeed wireless interconnection technology — because, y’know, its wireless now.

This tech is designed specifically to minimise input lag, which is something many wireless mice struggle with. Logitech claims that they’ve done this by optimising the internal structure of its devices to increase the polling rate of the wireless receiver to 1ms. They’ve also done a couple of other tweaks like “apply a proprietary frequency hopping mechanism which uses the strongest interference-free channel”, which isn’t something I can confidently say I understand.

The point is, it’s supposed to be pretty good, which is a good thing. But that’s not all because Logitech has also equipped the Lightspeed with their HERO sensor which can give you resolutions of up to 16,000 DPI. This new sensor also has automatic surface tuning which should mean that the mouse can show on most surfaces. Will it work on ALL surfaces? I mean, there’s only one way to find out.

However, my favourite thing about the Lightspeed is how it looks like they’ve changed absolutely nothing on the outside. I love the G502 because of its awesome ergonomics, great button layout and just fantastic feel in hand. And I love that they kept all of this despite all the extra components needed to snip the cable of this traditionally wired mouse.

They’ve even trimmed 7g off the weight (now 114g) while retaining the option to add more weights should you prefer a heftier mouse. What’s more, this guy is PowerPlay compatible — which means that it will work with the company’s (unfortunately proprietary) wireless charging mat.

Logitech claims that the battery inside the G502 Lightspeed can last 800 charge cycles without battery degradation, and PowerPlay will actually keep the battery between 85% and 95% charge to ensure longevity. The mouse itself will last up to 48 hours with RGB on, and 60 hours without RGB.

That said, the cost of wire-cutting is a steep one as the G502 Lightspeed is priced at RM699 — a full RM300 more than its wired sibling, the G502 HERO. That said, it does put it right in the range of Razer Lancehead (RM699) and for my money, I’d go for the G502 over the Lancehead.

To learn more about the G502 Lightspeed, head on over to Logitech G’s website.