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Instagram has a new Lantern camera effect for Ramadan

In conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan, Instagram is kicking off its #MonthOfGood campaign which invites the global community to celebrate and share kindness on its platform. To get more people to share their moments in a creative way, Instagram has introduced a new “Lantern” camera effect on its platform.

The new effect features a subtle bokeh effect and it has crescent shapes inspired by the ornamental arabesque design style. You can tap to change between shapes, Arabic and English greetings.

Instagram wants its platform to be a place for people to share their celebrations and to show acts of kindness. Between 16 May to 14 June last year, there are over 15 million posts about Ramadan. In Malaysia, posts which include the word “generosity” has increased by over 30%.

The platform encourages users to share their moments of kindness and celebration by tagging their content with #MonthOfGood. They emphasised that the act of kindness does not have to be a grand gesture as small and unexpected acts can have a huge impact on someone’s day.

Alexander Wong