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News about Malaysia Airlines add-on baggage rates is fake

A posting showing a list of additional rates for add-on baggage on Malaysia Airlines flights is fake news, according to the carrier.

The fake posting has been doing the rounds on social media so much so that the carrier felt it was necessary to issue a statement to clarify the matter.

In a statement yesterday, Malaysia Airlines clarified that its extra baggage rates are competitive with what was being offered by other carriers.

“There are two types of baggage rates, one is for extra baggage (prepaid) and the other for excess baggage. For excess baggage, which is paid upon check-in at the airport, the rates remain the same.

“The rate for extra baggage (prepaid) is dynamic depending on the sector, promotions, demand etc. Passengers will, however, be able to view the rates via “manage my booking” or during booking flow,” Malaysia Airlines said in the statement.

Malaysia Airlines also encourage passengers to view the actual excess baggage rates on its website here.

Last week, it was discovered that Malaysia Airlines’ lowest “Economy Lite” fare will not come with check-in baggage for domestic flights.

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Amin Ashaari