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Setel now lets you confirm petrol payment with your face or fingerprint

Setel, the mobile app which lets you pay for petrol, is now slightly more convenient than before. With the latest software update, you can finally use your face or fingerprint to authenticate your payment.

The feature eliminates the need to key in your 6 digit PIN in order to start refuelling. If you’re using an iPhone X, XR, XS or XS Max, you can enable Face ID. For older iPhone and other Android devices, it also supports fingerprint authentication. To enable this feature, just go to Settings and then tap on Security.

To recap, Setel, is an eWallet which allows you to pay for petrol on your smartphone without the need to queue or fiddle around with the card terminal. The app also has seamless integration with Mesra card, allowing you to earn points with every refuel. For those who are using debit cards, you won’t need to worry about the usual RM200 lock-in credit as Setel deducts the exact amount from the eWallet balance. At the moment, Setel is supported at over 150 Petronas stations in the Klang Valley.

You can learn more about the app in our hands-on post. For first time users, they are still running a 10% cashback promo. The Setel app is available for both Android and iOS.

Alexander Wong