Celcom is committed to serving underserved communities through Pusat Internet

Following MCMC’s statement on the status of Internet Centres (Pusat Internet), Celcom has emphasised its commitment to connect underserved communities through its network of Pusat Internet throughout the country. It was alleged that these internet centres will be shut down, and both MCMC and Celcom has clarified that it isn’t true.

According to Celcom, they are currently operating 175 Pusat Internet that are focused on communities in rural and urban poor areas. The centres provide high-speed broadband access as well as ICT and e-commerce training which has contributed in digital opportunities for the community as well as increasing local economic levels.

Touching on the recent rumours that Pusat Internet will be closed down based on a memo that’s written by their contractor, Celcom clarifies that this is false and they will take firm action against the contractor. The alleged memo was written without the telco’s knowledge and authorisation.

The telco also reiterates that they are the leading contributor for the nation’s telecommunication infrastructure development for 31 years and they will continue to work with the government’s digital initiatives for the nation. They added that they are planning several new initiatives including upgrading and expanding the role of Pusat Internet in the near future.


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Alexander Wong