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Cameras may take photos, but the Handycam captures memories

This post is brought to you by Sony Malaysia

The paradigm of video recording has shifted. People are taking more photos and capturing more moments than ever before. However, a lot of these are being done with one of two devices. For the amateur and casual moment capturer, they often rely on what’s in their pocket, and that’s typically their smartphone. It makes sense because smartphone cameras have improved so much over the past couple of years. Then, if you move up the food chain to the enthusiast and professional, they’re augmented with the best in the mirrorless and DSLR world, with a whole host of interchangeable lenses and various bodies.

But, what about those in the middle? The avid family videographer, for example, who isn’t quite satisfied enough with what they have in their pocket, but doesn’t need something as over-the-top as a pro-grade mirrorless or DSLR camera? Well, for this group, they’ve been forced onto the neither-here-nor-there point and shoots because that’s what society has led them to believe is all they can choose from.

The only thing is, that’s simply not the case. There is one more hidden gem that often gets overlooked, but is probably the most capable all-in-one tool to capture every moment your heart desires. This gem is called the Handycam.

Now, there will be staunch defenders of the point-and-shoots in the market, because the fact is that there are plenty of really good point-and-shoots out there right now. But, for a novice in-the-middle videographer, there’s just no beating the sheer versatility of the Handycam. Something like Sony’s FDR-AXP55 4K Handycam, for example, bring a special quality to the table that you just can’t get with regular cameras. Well, several special qualities, in fact.

Don’t just shoot, share

Remember how the AXP55 4K Handycam is an all-in-one device? Well, it isn’t just all-in-one for recording, it’s also an excellent tool that you can use to share the moments you’ve just captured with your family and friends.

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There’s a built-in projector that you can turn on and project onto any white, preferably flat, surface. No fuss, just a whole lot of enjoyment no matter where you are and no matter how far you are from a TV or monitor.

Let’s see you find a point and shoot or DSLR with THIS feature.

Awesome image quality and crisp 4K video

When you’re capturing memories, you simply cannot compromise on quality. These moments should last many, many years down the road so you definitely need something that can give you excellent image quality. That’s why Sony’s FDR-AXP55 4K Handycam is equipped with the company’s new Exmor R CMOS sensor that’s capable of capturing amazing detail in crisp 4K resolution.

What’s more, the AXP55 4K Handycam is equipped with a new 20X zoom ZEISS lens with a wide 26.8mm equivalent field of view. This means that you’re not just capturing beautiful imagery, but you can also take in more of the scene — crucial when you want to capture the moment while also being close to your loved ones.

Incredible image stabilisation ensures a steady shot

When you don’t have access to elaborate gimbals and extensive camera stabilisation gear, what you’re left with is your own steady hand and the camera’s built-in stabilisation features. With most cameras and point-and-shoots in this category, that usually doesn’t amount to too much. However, with the AXP55 4K Handycam, Sony’s equipped this video camera with some of the best built-in image stabilisation money can buy.

The Handycam features Sony’s own Balanced Optical SteadyShot (B.O.SS) that can outperform most standard optical image stabilisations. This means that even if you’re running around with your kids, you’re still able to maintain steady video footage. Even when you’re zoomed in HD mode, the Handycam is able to access a 5-axis Intelligent Active mode that further compensates for camera shake.

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What’s more, the AXP55 4K Handycam also features a lightning fast intelligent autofocus system that doesn’t just focus with exceptional speed, but also with uncanny precision. It doesn’t matter how fast your children are, the AXP55 will make sure that what matters to you stays in focus.

High quality microphones

When you think of an all-in-one solution, you generally want something that can do everything you need it to do, without being forced to faff about with expensive accessories and other knick knacks. With that in mind, Sony has gone out and equipped the AXP55 4K Handycam with a stunning microphone.

This microphone’s new structural design enables it to gather audio from five different directions. To ensure that you get clear and crips sound, this microphone is also able to reduce noise by up to 40% while also being twice as effective as a conventional solution. In addition, you’re able to record either the standard two channel audio, or a 5.1-channel surround sound so you’ll be able to get a more immersive experience during playback. With 5.1ch surround, the Handycam is able to faithfully reproduce audio with clearly defined separation between different sound sources.

That said, if you do want to faff about with accessories, the AXP55 Handycam also comes with a hot-shoe mount and various ports that you can utilise to plug in Sony’s extensive array of camera accessories to take your videography to the next level.

Excellent ergonomics

One of the biggest problems with tiny point-and-shoots — or even your standard mirrorless cameras — is the fact that these devices have terrible ergonomics. There’s just no way to design something ergonomic when that product has the shape that it does — especially not for video recording.

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With the AXP55 4K Handycam, there are no such compromises. The barrel-shaped body isn’t just portable, it has also been fine tuned to be as optimal as possible for video recording.

The problem with important moments is that they’re fleeting. You want to instantly be able to capture the first time your child walks. You want to be ready to shoot the moment your family member decides the time is right to blow out the candles on their 21st birthday cake. You need something that knows where everything needs to be, and puts all the controls you need right at your fingertips.

When you hold the AXP55 4K Handycam in the tried-and-tested Handycam position, everything is where it should be. Key buttons are all easily within your reach, and the camera turns on instantly the moment you need it to begin recording.

There’s a fully articulating LCD touchscreen that you can flip out and even flip around for moments where you want to capture yourself and your precious family. There’s even an eyepiece that can quickly deploy with a quick pull out for those sunny picnics so you can get a clearer idea of what you’re shooting.

This Handycam is built the way its name suggest: To be a handy camera, and this isn’t something you can find with your conventional camera.

Old is gold

While many perceive the Handycam as a relic of the past, what many don’t also realise is that the Handycam itself has evolved thanks to modern technology. In many ways, it is the perfect fusion of the fundamental excellence of an older time with the incredible convenience of a technologically advanced modern world.

All of this is perfectly encapsulated in the Sony AXP55 4K Handycam. It is designed to take the fuss out of video recording and sharing, and just allow you to focus on the most important thing about video recording — capturing precious moments with precious people. And that’s something you simply can’t put a price on.

If you’re interested in picking up a Sony AXP55 4K Handycam for yourself, head on over to Sony Malaysia’s website to get yours today.