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Twitter is considering to add an ‘edit’ feature

One of the biggest bugbear regular Twitter users have with the platform is the inability to edit a tweet after it has been published. This may change soon as Twitter CEO and co-founder, Jack Dorsey revealed in an interview.

Dorsey was responding to a question from Joe Rogan of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast in which he asked if Twitter is looking into allowing users to edit their tweets after it has been published. Dorsey’s response is: “we’re looking at exactly that”.

While Dorsey didn’t provide a solid timeline on when the edit feature will be implemented or how it will be implemented, it is something that Twitter is looking into while making sure that the platform stays true to its fundamentals.

Dorsey added, the reason why Twitter has not had an edit function is because the platform was born in the era of SMS and just like SMS, you can’t edit a text once it has been sent. However, he acknowledges as the platform has evolved in terms of its use and ability the need for an edit feature is now something it needs to consider.

Currently, the only way to fix a typo or an error in a tweet that has been posted is to delete the tweet and post a corrected version.

One of the ways to introduce the edit feature, he explains in the interview, is to allow tweets to be editable within a 5- to 30-second window after it has been published. He added that a previous versions of the edited tweet should also be visible for users to see. However, no specific timeline was discussed in the interview.

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Watch the interview here (from timestamp 1:19:47):

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Amin Ashaari